5 Ways to Use Customer Service to Make Your Competitors Envy You

5 Ways to Use Customer Service to Make Your Competitors Envy You

Most businesses realize that good customer service is the lifeblood of the company.  Offering discounts, running promotions and cutting prices will definitely help generate new customers, but if you want those customers to keep coming back, exceptional customer service is essential. In fact, providing good customer service is one of the best ways to stick it to your competition. When you have a satisfied, happy customer, they aren’t likely to shop around your competitors. At Cayzu, we aim to be real, honest and respectful with all of our customers. In addition to these attributes, we’ve compiled a list of five more ways to use customer service to make your competitors envy you.

Make a Connection
One of the best ways to connect with customers is to listen. Inquire of their name (and introduce yourself while you’re at it) and ask clarifying questions, but then listen intently to what they have to say. It’s also a good idea to assure the customer you’re taking care of them. Sustain accountability above all else.  When every member of your team can make this kind of a connection, your competitors will definitely feel the burn.

Keep Things Easy for the Customer
Keeping things easy for the customer is one way to ensure they’ll be back. This means accepting as many forms of payment as possible, and working to make the transaction process as simple and efficient as possible. Nobody wants to waste time by repeatedly entering unnecessary data at checkout. You might also want to consider enabling 24/7 self-service support for your customers by utilizing a knowledge base.

Customer Convenience Trumps All
Most customers will continue giving their business to a company that offers convenience. They want (and deserve) convenience in every stage of interaction with your company, including during transactions, calling customer service and on the company website.

Be Real
At Cayzu, we believe in being real and honest with our customers. Our customers know we aren’t fake and we try to let each person know how much we value their business. This means offering top-notch customer service while also giving them the products and services they want. When you stop treating people like ‘guests’ and start treating them like a respected customer, you’ll notice a substantial difference in your business.

Follow Through
If you really want to soar above the competition, practice your follow through. It makes customers know they can depend on you to fix a problem. Communicate clearly and effectively with them about what you’re going to do and then (this is key) do it. It’s a good idea to remember that the customer doesn’t usually care about the process on your end, only how it affects them. Keep this in mind when you’re explaining something like shipping. Their concern is when they are going to receive the product, not the process it goes through to leave your warehouse.

Your customers are the only thing keeping you in business. They are far more important than products, marketing strategies and website designs. Treat them with the right combination of respect, appreciation and good old fashioned customer service to keep them coming back for more. We promise you that if you do it right, they will tell their friends and you’ll be booming. All while your competition is green with envy.

To keep your company at the top of the heap, shoot the Cayzu team an email today at sales@cayzu.com . Our cloud based help desk solution can help your business stay organized and efficient so you can spend your time and energy focusing on the customer.

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