All Features

Packed with features to supercharge your help desk, why Cayzu Help Desk Software is the best choice for your business

Global Search

Built in global search let’s you find what you’re looking for quickly. Includes tickets, replies, FAQs (private/public) and contacts.

Custom List

Change ticket types, status and source in real-time.

Large Attachments

Provide a better end-user experience by allowing file attachments up to 50mb per ticket.


Stay more organized or organize your system with tags.

Email Signatures

Customize your email signatures using our powerful built in HTML editor.

Auto Reply

Provide your customers with a big business feel by providing automatic responses.

Customer Feedback

Provide better support by getting real time feedback on how you’re doing with surveys.

Mailbox Signatures

Set unique signature for each mailbox.


Custom Domain

Retain your brand’s identify with your own custom domain URL that remains fully encrypted using 256 bit encryption.


Round RobinFully Encrypted with 256 bit SSL

Your Self Service Portal is fully encrypted at all times with our PLUS & FREEDOM plans.

Manage Topics, News & Articles

Manage news, articles and FAQs so that your customer information is always up to date.

Indexed Search

Cayzu makes finding an answer a breeze with real time indexed searches.


Manage Customer Ticket History

Your customers will thank you for the ability to manage their own support tickets.

Multiple Languages

Enable your customers to get support in their own native tongue.