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Packed with features to superchage your help desk, why Cayzu Help Desk Software is the best choice for your business

Help Desk

Email Integration

Works with MS Outlook or any other email inbox to automatically turn support emails into help desk tickets.

Ticketing System

Keep your support organized through an easy to use ticket grid packed with automation’s and workflows.

Quick Response

Quickly answer common question two clicks using Quick Responses (aka canned answers).

Internal Notes

Enable team collaboration by adding private communications between your team that is not visible to the customer.

To Do’s

Never forget another task again with To do’s. Simple to manage from your personal dashboard.

Global Search

Built in global search let’s you find what you’re looking for quickly. Includes tickets, replies, FAQs (private/public) and contacts.

Automated Rules

Speed up your customer service by utilizing built in automated rules and workflows.

Service Level Agreements

Stay accountable to your customers with the use of SLAs.

Time Tracking

Automatically or manually track time you spend on support requests through a timer. All data is fed into a time sheet report.

Customizable Ticket Fields

Save cycle times by asking the right questions from the beginning with custom fields.

Custom List

Change ticket types, status and source in real-time.

Help Desk API

Connect Cayzu to your own applications using our powerful REST based API.

Multiple Brands & Products

Branded end-user portals provide your customers a seamless experience with all support being fed into a centralized help desk portal.

Large Attachments

Provide a better end-user experience by allowing file attachments up to 50mb per ticket.


Stay more organized or organize your system with tags.

Email Signatures

Customize your email signatures using our powerful built in HTML editor.

Merge Conversations

Customers putting in multiple tickets about the same thing? Not a problem, we give you the ability to merge them.

Auto Assign

Cayzu provides you with powerful automation tools that automatically assign support requests based on your rules.

Auto Reply

Provide your customers with a big business feel by providing automatic responses.

Split Cases

Quickly split cases to make it easier to stay organized.

Email Forwarding

Automatically create help ticket requests from your customers emails.

Apps and Integrations

Cayzu seamlessly integrates with the web’s most popular apps such as Logmein, Live Chat, Skype and more.

Customer Feedback

Provide better support by getting real time feedback on how you’re doing with surveys.

Mobile Apps

Provide support on the go with Cayzu’s native mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Support Widget Integration

Cayzu provides you a form widget to add easy ticket submission and FAQ search using your existing web site.

Domain Branding / Mapping

Keep your brand’s identify by easily changing the domain of your help desk to your own fully encrypted custom domain.

Custom Branding

Change everything from your colors, icons and URLs using Cayzu’’s built in branding tools.

Multiple Groups

Assign agents to groups to better manage your help desk.

Custom Roles/Permissions

Create custom permissions and save them as roles that can be assigned to agents.

Multiple Emails

Speed up customer service by providing your customers a more targeted support experience by setting up specific departmental email addresses.

Mailbox Signatures

Set unique signature for each mailbox.

IP White-list Access

Enhance security by controlling access to your Cayzu portal using IP addresses

Asset Management

Track contact and company assets all from your help desk.

Active Directory Integration

Save your users from having to remember multiple passwords by tying into existing user accounts in Active Directory.

Agent Collision

Avoid two or more agents answering the same ticket with different answers using our agent collision detection.

Round Robin

Allow Cayzu to automatically distribute out the workload by assigning tickets by groups to available agents in a circular fashion.

CSAT Surveys

Capture direct feedback from your users or customers to ensure your support team is performing.

Self Service Portal

Manage Multiple Self-Service Sites

Manage support requests for multiple brands & products from one console.

Personalized Branding

Personalize all aspects of your end-user portal including logo URL and colors.

Custom Domain

Retain your brand’s identify with your own custom domain URL that remains fully encrypted using 256 bit encryption.

Fully Encrypted with 256 bit SSL

Your Self Service Portal is fully encrypted at all times with our PLUS & FREEDOM plans.

Help Desk Integration

Your end-user portal seamslessly integrates into the Cayzu Help Desk solution.

Knowledge Base

Allow your customers to conveniently browse for answers 24/7/365.

Apps Integration

Expand your site with useful integration’s such as Skype and LiveChat.

Manage Topics, News & Articles

Manage news, articles and FAQs so that your customer information is always up to date.

Indexed Search

Cayzu makes finding an answer a breeze with real time indexed searches.

Manage Customer Ticket History

Your customers will thank you for the ability to manage their own support tickets.

Custom forms

Create custom forms to ask the right questions based on the problem that your customer is experiencing.

Multiple Languages

Enable your customers to get support in their own native tongue.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Tie into your own existing application logins by allowing users to use their same usernames and passwords to log in to your end-user customer portal.


Real-Time Reporting

Get the data you need in real-time. No more waiting.

Data that Matters

Analyze everything from your help desk’s busiest times to who your over and under performers are.

Gain Visibility

Get information on where customers are having issues so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Beautiful Reporting

Cayzu gives you aesthetically pleasing reports that you want to look at.

Specific Reports

Cayzu’s reports are broken down into categories: General, Agent and Company reports to get right information.

Advanced Filters

Filter your reports by time span, date, agent, company, product/brand and more.

Time Sheet

Built in time sheets make it easy to bill or simply track the time that your agents spend on support.

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