How to Avoid Customer Service Chaos

It’s a well-known fact that humans disappoint each other all of the time. Sometimes it’s done intentionally, others time it’s not. No matter the situation or event in which the disappointment occurs, it all boils down to one’s expectations. It’s pretty hard for anyone to feel disappointed unless they had expectations to begin with. I have expectations about most things, including how well received this information is going to be. One thing I’ve learned about expectations in the world of customer service is if you don’t go above and beyond to please the customer, they are going to be disappointed. Here are some things you can do to keep your customers happy.

1. Stop Pitching Unrealistic Expectations
It’s so easy for you to promise your customers things in hopes of earning their business and loyalty. But if you’re not careful, the very things you promise your customers may turn them away. For example, if you’re advertising a new vehicle and you highlight how fun and easy it is to drive on the road, your customers are going to purchase that same vehicle with the hopes of simplifying their commute. Once they’ve had the vehicle for a few days and realize that nothing has changed, they are bound to feel a bit disappointed. One key thing to remember when advertising and marketing to customers is they want to believe, so make sure what you deliver is realistic.

2. Lack of Communication
No one really likes to be left in the dark and uninformed about anything, especially customers. Just think about how you feel when you don’t know what is going to happen from one moment to the next. Your imagination starts to fill in the blanks and the next thing you know is you’re automatically assuming the worst. When businesses fail to communicate with their customers, they end up disappointing them. Even if the message is something that makes your business look inefficient, such as late or slow shipment times or not knowing what is causing a hold up; letting customers know what is going on keeps them happy and informed.

3. Brushing Off Complaints
All too often politicians and leaders brush off the complaints of one in favor of addressing the complaints of many. While this may seem to be a good way to cater to the masses, it can cause some customers to feel ignored and left out. This can be a dangerous game to play because everyone’s input is vitally important. Complaints can help you to identify areas where a product or service is lacking so improvements can be made. Small and individualized complaints may also be a sign of a potential issues that can be resolved before they can become they bigger and more mainstream ones. Start making time to hear out complaints and resolve them. This helps to lift customer expectations so they won’t expect poor customer service from your business.

Many businesses don’t realize that it doesn’t take much for them to make customers happy. Investing in a good customer service software, cloud help desk, or improving how your company’s in-house helpdesk functions can help to turn the tide on customer interactions with your company. Set realistic expectations, increase communication, and listen to your customers are also ways to improve the customer service experience.

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