Should You Automate Your Internal Customer Service? An Overview of Benefits and Things to Consider

Internal customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. It is where you interact with your customers (fellow employees) and ensure that their experience would warrant their loyalty to the company in the long run.

After Hours Support & more – New @ Cayzu Help Desk

The Cayzu Help Desk team is excited to announce our latest feature release! Here’s what’s included: -After Hours Support-Expanded SLA support -New Export Options-Ability to Set Ticket Urgency by Email-Exposed New Email Templates-Expanded Scheduled Reports-Expanded CAPTCHA support -Enhanced Search for End-User Portal-Performance Optimizations -Misc bug fixes and other optimizations After Hours Support: We’ve added support […]

What Your Customers Are Not Telling You

Most customer service helpdesk calls end with the customer saying, “Okay, thank you.” It is what they say after the call terminates that reveals how the interaction went. It could be, “They took care of our problem” or it might be more like, “We tried that, now what?” Tapping into that vital information about how […]

Get to Know Your Customers With Conversational Service

In the simpler times of the past, business owners and customers developed personal relationships naturally. The butcher knew your name and what cuts you preferred. Your car mechanic likely understood your driving habits and the intricate details of your car’s repair history. As society evolved, these types of close connections between companies and the people […]