Art of customer service

7 Tips for Perfecting the Art of Customer Service

Many companies often fall short on delivering exceptional customer service. Rather than turning customer service into a script that should be followed at all times, it should instead become an experience for the customer as well as the customer support representative. Here are seven tips that should always be at the forefront of a service […]

Customer Service Examined through a Magnifying glass

Why Customer Service Should Replace Your Marketing

The buying cycle has completely changed over the past decade, and the companies that are now just realizing this are losing both revenue and market share.  A recent CEB study of more than 1,400 B2B customers found that 57 % of purchase decisions are made BEFORE a customer even talks to a sales rep.  Buyers […]

Even crooks care about customer service

Yes, Even Crooks Care About Customer Service

Now I can safely say that I’ve heard it all.  The swindlers behind the Cryptolocker ransomware bug, a computer virus that hijacks your data and holds it ransom,  have launched their own customer service site. Hold on a second!. Why would the scoundrels that stole your data care about providing you with great customer service?  […]

Leadership direction guidance business concept with a group of tangled streets and highways and a businessman guiding and steering the direction of an arrow road using a harness towards a planned goal for career and company success

Customer Service – Putting Small Businesses in the Driver Seat

These days commercial markets are dominated by a handful of big businesses that offer the same goods and services at every outlet. This is true for both online stores and traditional brick and mortar outlets. Successful small businesses have to develop strategies that give them an advantage against the big guys. There are several ways […]