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Customer Service – Putting Small Businesses in the Driver Seat

These days commercial markets are dominated by a handful of big businesses that offer the same goods and services at every outlet. This is true for both online stores and traditional brick and mortar outlets. Successful small businesses have to develop strategies that give them an advantage against the big guys. There are several ways […]

Social media customer service

The Conundrum that is Social Media and Customer Service

There is no denying that social media and customer service go hand in hand.  Could there really be a better way to get help than to ask publicly where it’s almost impossible for the recipient to not answer? Yes, finally the big brands can stop being the bullies and start taking the punches!  No more […]

Why the Zendesk IPO Makes us at Cayzu Helpdesk Happy!

Yesterday, Zendesk, a fellow help desk software vendor, had a successful opening day on the New York Stock Exchange raising $100 million dollars in their initial public offering. The Zendesk IPO is important to the entire tech industry as it really gauges the health of the stock market for tech companies.  It also proves that there […]

Small Businesses Can Combat the Amazons of the World

It’s National Small Business week 2014 and small businesses everywhere are feeling the pressure from large internet retailers. E-tailers can offer customers a greater selection of goods and services at prices that small businesses can’t meet. However, small businesses can distinguish themselves from the big name e-tailers and other industry heavy-hitters with a secret weapon! […]