Cayzu Among Most Popular Help Desk Software on Notable Platform for Software Reviews

Cayzu is considered by many as an intuitive and easy to use help desk solution that allows companies to organize and improve their handling of support inquiries. But don’t take our word for it. An established business software review platform considers Cayzu as one one of the most popular and trusted help desk software brand on the market.

At present, Cayzu is ranked among the most popular online help desk software on FinancesOnline alongside an impressive 100% user satisfaction rating. This indicates that our help desk solution is not just among the top recommendations in FinancesOnline’s help desk software comparisons, but also for companies worldwide, with users finding it as an efficient platform for solving problems they face in their daily operations.  

But what makes our help desk solution a top choice for most companies, including businesses that are still trying to understand the purpose of help desk software for business? Arguably, pricing is heavily taken into consideration whenever businesses scout for the right platform. We cater to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises. More importantly, our various Cayzu pricing plans bring great value for money, stated the FinancesOnline review team.  Subscription plans are easy on the pocket and include free setup, on-boarding help, training and support, and updates, all at no extra costs or obligation.

According to FinancesOnline, Cayzu help desk also brings a wealth of useful tools that are easily accessible on a cloud-based portal. These include giving users the capability to communicate with customers on multiple channels, a “smart ticketing system,” “seamless collaboration among support teams,” fast and simple product deployment, various filtering options, and more.

Over 10,000 companies use and trust Cayzu for their customer support, and we would love to have you on board as well.

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A Closer Look at Hosted Help Desk Solutions

Customer service has always been a cornerstone of how business is done, and companies ignore this at their peril. Improving the delivery of customer service and the service experience overall should be a priority if you want to distinguish your company as a leader in your industry. There are many ways that company decision makers might choose to design the support network that accomplishes these goals. Companies are discovering that customer service software is an invaluable tool in achieving these important goals, but deciding on the perfect software solution is not always so simple. Helpdesk software can be hosted or built using in-house resources. From the outset both options seem to offer different advantages, but is this really the case?

Solving Problems That Already Have Answers

Building helpdesk software and customer care portals from scratch certainly seems to offer companies the ability to tailor the service experience to the needs of the people they serve. This is perhaps the strongest argument in favor of building a custom helpdesk. That said the concerns that will be addressed through this portal are unlikely to be so out of the ordinary that existing cloud help desk solutions cannot accommodate. There is already infrastructure available that is proven to work; using a solution like Cayzu eliminates time-consuming beta testing, troubleshooting, and other stages that must be addressed before a helpdesk can even begin operating. A seamless platform with a proven track record of success can be implemented in much less time than it takes to develop something entirely new.

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Security and Stability Are Assured

Hosted help desk services are supported by top-of-the-line internet security protocols to protect customer data and proprietary data. This data can include:

• Customer names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
• Payment processing information
• Order history
• Service contracts outstanding
• Resolved and outstanding concerns

Customer service representatives often use customer’s personal data in the resolution of problems, so security has to be a primary consideration. A hosted cloud help desk makes use of the server company’s own security protocol; these companies operate at the highest industry standard for electronic security, which is often much higher than can be achieved by an individual company. Hosts are also designed for continual operation and have numerous safety procedures in place to assure ongoing service. Developing this kind of infrastructure in-house is often cost-prohibitive and will take months, if not years, to fully implement.

Services That Grow With You

Developing dedicated server space to support in-house helpdesk software may be far beyond the reach of your current organization. Hosted solutions are ideal for small and growing companies, and provide the means to compete with much larger organizations. Even without a team of tech wizards at your disposal your company can deliver an outstanding degree of customer service and support with the help hosted solutions. As your company grows, the advanced features of Cayzu can be implemented to address the changing needs of your organization and the people you serve. Few service portals developed in-house can say the same.

Discover how the numerous advantages of hosted service solutions like Cayzu give your business the competitive advantage.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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Tips for Lasting Success in the Tech Industry

Businesses that specialize in customer service software can sometimes have a long road ahead of them when it comes to thriving and maintaining their handhold in the business sector. For that very reason, it never hurts to have a few solid tips on how to remain in the game and in the industry for the long haul.

See Things From Your Customers’ POV

While tech professionals practically froth at the mouth in excitement for the latest technological innovations, customers care more about solutions. Keep this in mind when it comes to your helpdesk software. While it’s great to have cool features, be sure those features are made with customers and their specific needs in mind. If you don’t, customers might have a hard time navigating your software and finding viable solutions to their problems.

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Let Your Customers Do the Advertising

Rather than spend copious amounts of time and money on marketing and advertising, let your customers take care of that for you. This is an especially great tip for tech companies that are just getting started, as they often lack the funds for expensive marketing campaigns. Pay close attention to the products and features you offer as well as how customers respond to them. Those who love what you’re doing are sure to sing their praises from the highest digital mountaintop, and those voices are sure to be heard by friends, family and anyone considering giving your product a chance. Word-of-mouth is often much more effective than traditional advertising, and more affordable to boot.

Don’t Forget About the Small Details

In your quest to offer the best cloud help desk experience possible, you might have designs on merging with or joining the ranks of larger tech companies. Be sure you don’t develop tunnel vision and forget to check your rear and side view mirrors as you coast down the road to success. This means realizing things might not always turn out the way you thought, which can lead to your candle being snuffed out when you think your light is growing brighter and stronger. For instance, always proceed with caution if a big company wants to work with you. This is because a large company can have a substantial impact on the way your business operates, and that impact might not work in your favor. Approach the deal from every conceivable angle, and always provide yourself with an out in case things take a turn for the worst.

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Stay on Top of the Industry and Your Finances

The tech industry is in a state of constant flux, and one of the best ways to maintain and grow your business is to stay on top of trends and changes. You should also stay on top of your company finances, making sure you spend your money wisely on purchases that recoup their cost and bring in actual profits rather than simply drain your business account. Work with a business finance professional familiar with the tech industry to help with this.

While there are no guarantees your tech company will last for years to come, there’s much you can do to increase your chances. Plant the seeds of success here in the present to reap a bountiful harvest in the future.

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Small Business HR Mishaps to Sidestep

During the startup phases of getting your new business up and running, be sure you don’t neglect the finer parts of operating a business, like your human relations department. And because yours is a small company, you want to do everything possible to give yourself every advantage you’re owed. Here are a few HR mistakes you’ll want to be sure to avoid bringing out the best in your business.

Not Knowing How to Classify Your Employees

While some mistakes are reasonable and forgivable, the IRS might not be terribly understanding if you misclassify your helpdesk employees. The main thing you want to understand is the difference between employees and contractors. If someone doesn’t sign a contract that lays out her or his business relationship with your company, doesn’t have specific work shifts or if you have lost control over how the individual is paid and other related financial matters, then that person is likely to be considered a contractor rather than an employee.

Failing to Fully On-board Your Employees

When you do bring on a new member to your work team, be sure you do a thorough job. For instance, your new hire should receive a full job description that details all job duties responsibilities, necessary qualities and the like. You should let her or him know what you expect out of your employees, and you should know what your work team expects from you as an employer. Know that speeding up the hiring process can cost you an abundance of money in addition to time and energy. Owners of companies of every size cannot afford such unnecessary blunders.

You Don’t Have an Employee Handbook

Head employee mishaps, violations and the like off at the pass by implementing an employee handbook. In it, detail what your company considers bad behavior and the repercussions employees can expect if they violate the rules in the handbook. Ensure your team is well-aware of the handbook, that they read it and that you update it when necessary, so everyone is always on the same page.

Performance Issues Aren’t Noted

Don’t wait for employee performance problems to pile up in your cloud help desk business. Doing so carries the risk of issues becoming worse and more unmanageable, which often requires a more extreme response on your part. Instead, it’s better to make note of performance issues with individuals as well as your team and let the appropriate parties aware of the matter. Once you’ve done your part to make employees aware of the issue and to bring about a resolution, you at least have the peace of mind of knowing you did your best in the event you have to terminate an employee. Another reason to be meticulous when it comes to making performance issue notes is they could be quite useful in the event a terminated employee brings a lawsuit against you.

Never forget how essential a solid HR department is to your business. Remembering the above tips is a great way to better ensure you hire and retain the right team to take your business to the top.

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Pitfalls That Hamper Your Small Business Growth

If you’ve never started your own small customer support software business before, you can expect to make more than a few mistakes along the way. That being said, there are some mistakes that are more costly than others, and it’s best you not trip up yourself or the progress of your business by falling into those specific pitfalls. To help you know how to plan your business and your steps, here are a few small business mistakes to avoid altogether.

Stepping Into a Crowded Market Without a Mark of Distinction

You’re likely well aware of the fact you aren’t the only company, big or small, offering helpdesk software. With that knowledge in mind, do yourself and your business a favor and recognize the fact you’ll need something that sets you apart from your competition. You don’t necessarily have to offer the absolute best software, but there should most certainly be something that sets you apart, such as the way your service is delivered, product features or the way you meet your customer’s needs in a way the other guys don’t. You’ll be much better off building your company around that rather than setting off on your journey without a destination in mind.

Not Knowing How Much Demand Exists for Your Product

One of the reasons to get a headcount for how many people are going to be at a dinner party, wedding or another major event is so you know how much food you need to prepare, how much seating you need and the like. The same principle applies to your cloud help desk. Do a test run to get a solid gauge of how many people are interested in your product and the types of consumers you should target. You should also think about how your product can supplement currently existing technology and determine how much use your target audience can get out of your product.

Failing to Create a Good Budget

A lot of small businesses fail because of financial reasons. Be sure to sit down with an experienced financial professional familiar with working with businesses in your sector. Know how much you can expect to pay to get things up and running, how much you’ll need to set aside for paying your employees and the cost of renting space, equipment and the like. Once you have that number, it’s a good idea to expect to pay even more than that, just to be on the safe side. You might also want to factor in your own personal experiences since you’ll more than likely sink a lot of personal time and energy into your business, which means you might depend on it to keep the light on and food in the fridge for you and your family. Additionally, you should also talk to a financial planner about making a financial roadmap for profitability.

Give yourself and your business every advantage possible by keeping these ideas in mind as you go about setting up and planning your business. Rather than making your own mistakes, it’s much better to learn from the blunders of other small business owners.

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Boost Your Small Business by Boosting Your Small Business Work Environment

Boost Your Small Business by Boosting Your Small Business Work Environment

As a small business owner, you’ve already got plenty of obstacles in front of you when it comes to fulfilling the true potential of your company and making the best it can be. While it’s most certainly a good idea to invest in solid customer support software and doing what you can to improve your financial standing, be sure you don’t neglect your employees and their work environment. Here are a few ways to provide your team with the best work settings possible so both they and your business can thrive.

Mind Your Manners

Rather than focus on employee salaries and benefits to draw qualified and dedicated helpdesk professionals, be sure to exercise a bit of common courtesy. Whenever your employees make strides in their progress or accomplish something, be sure to recognize their efforts and thank them accordingly. This can be a verbal thank you or a reward such as an extra vacation day or bonus. Your employees are sure to appreciate the fact you’re paying attention to their efforts and are willing to show your thanks.

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Keep the Lines of Communication Open and Clear at All Times

Communication is the foundation to personal and professional relationships alike. Not only should your team know under no uncertain terms what you desire and expect out of them as employees, but you should also know what your employees expect out of you as a leader and employer. Give your employees the chance to have their say in how your business operates, the business they’re helping to build. Let them know you’re open to suggestions and feedback, which makes your job of improving your cloud help desk business easier. Additionally, be wholly honest with your employees when they come to you with a question.

Don’t Neglect Professional Growth Opportunities

Just because your employees have degrees doesn’t mean they’re done learning. By offering career development and training opportunities, you show your employees you’re invested in their growth and in providing them with more professional opportunities. Not only do they benefit from this, you and your business also benefit from the new skills and knowledge your employees gain. Training classes, workshops, professional organization memberships and job assignments are all great examples of ways to help bring out the best in your employees.

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Ask Your Employees for Their Opinion, and Listen to Them

Just like your target audience, your employees are an untapped resource you can put to good use in improving your company. Take out time every now and then to ask them what they like about your business and the way its run and what they would change. Give their opinions careful consideration, and put those ideas into action if you feel they have merit. Even better, include your team in implementing those changes to give them an active role in your business. In case your employees would rather not make their identities known when offering feedback, be sure to give them the option of replying anonymously.

You don’t have to turn your brain inside out thinking of ways to grow your small business. Improve your work environment and your employees are sure to take a brunt of the weight off your shoulders.

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How Do You Compete When the Largest Online Retailer Is Bent on Taking Over the World?

There shall be no name-dropping. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the name of the largest online retailer. Years ago, mom-and-pop shops threw their collective arms up in the air when another retail giant opened up locations everywhere and put them out of business. Now, this is happening to online retailers. How do you compete when you’re a tiny entity?

The Underlying Problem
Major retailers suffer at the hands of these big guys, too. Many retailers have felt the online shopping heat for several years, yet they still refuse to jump onto the Information Superhighway. For smaller retailers, the issue is resources. They don’t have the money or time to build competitive online presences, which leaves them in the uncompromising position of racing behind the big guys.

He Who Dies With the Best Website Wins
This is, in a way, an oxymoron because studies show that shoppers prefer to solicit smaller retailers because they offer a more personalized shopping experience. So why do the big guys remain on top? They dominate the marketplace for two key reasons: convenience and impression. Despite a desire to shop at a boutique, people still stay at home and purchase what they need online.

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Impression counts, too. Research confirms that “big” draws more people through virtual doors. Small enterprises may have an attractive online presence, but over 2,000 online shoppers were surveyed and 59 percent said they believed larger businesses have better websites. Part of what makes a website great is customer support software, because…

People Still Crave the Personal Touch
The same survey revealed that 71 percent of consumers still want a personalized experience when they shop, and this is how mom-and-pop shops can compete with the online and offline conglomerates. You can give your shoppers a personalized and user-friendly experience online as well as in your store. You just need the right tools to do so.

Build a professional online customer experience that will rival your larger competitors. This includes social media. Keep your current customers happy and draw in new customers with online deals, specials offers, contests and other fun activities. Don’t forget to maintain a strong presence offline as well through local events for a truly personalized experience.

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When programmed optimally, customer support software welcomes new visitors on your website and via email. People are visually stimulated, so upload media expressing a warm welcome and explaining what you do. This leaves a fantastic first impression because you’ve already personalized their shopping experience, even if it is virtual.

Get Inside People’s Heads
Behavior plays a huge role in consumer habits. Another study showed 500 shoppers responded better to large business websites because of the 22 features tested, the sites offered better information, interaction, personalization and usability. Larger companies also used colors and patterns to solicit desired reactions, e.g. a green “Buy Now” button converted more clicks than red.

Leverage this information alongside the knowledge that the more power you give your customers the better. Your consumers must feel engaged while they shop, so ask them their opinion. What do they want to see on your brick-and-mortar and virtual store shelves? When you connect with your customers on a personal level, you establish solid footing in your marketplace.

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How to Keep Repeat Customers

Retaining current customers is of paramount importance to any company operating in the business-to-business sector, as it can be much cheaper to keep a customer than acquire a new one. This measurement of satisfaction is extremely relevant, as efforts to replace lost customers can significantly eat into your profit margin.

While most organizations claim to prioritize customer retention, many marketing professionals spend a greater amount of time on the acquisition of new clients. It’s always good to grow your client base, but you shouldn’t do it at the expense of your existing customers. A better strategy is to have your promotions, sales and support teams working together to provide a complete experience that’s beneficial to current and future patrons. Here are a few strategies to help maximize repeat business.

Targeted Marketing

You’re much less likely to lose a client if your business matches perfectly with his or her needs. If you’re pitching your wares with the angle that your customer can adapt to strengths and weaknesses of your products, it might not be the best fit. Learn your customer’s goals and then explain how your company can help in the achievement of each milestone. If you set unrealistic reputations, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage when it’s time for a patron to resign.

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Take the Initiative in Communication

Strong relationships are a major ingredient to repeat business, and it starts with effective communication. You obviously need to provide a quick answer when a customer has a question, but you should endeavor to be more proactive. Foster the relationship by reaching out regularly on a number of different topics:Strong relationships are a major ingredient to repeat business, and it starts with effective communication. You obviously need to provide a quick answer when a customer has a question, but you should endeavor to be more proactive. Foster the relationship by reaching out regularly on a number of different topics:

  • Questions or concerns about your product
  • Information on software updates or new services
  • Tips and tricks on how to more effectively use your service

Conduct Research

If you’re losing customers, it’s important to do research to find out why, but you need a plan on how to implement this information. If you use customer service software or customer support software to track interaction with clients, include reasons for client dissatisfaction so you can locate patterns and put a stop to it with new products or services. Your studies don’t have to focus solely on the things you’re doing wrong, as you can also learn more about the ways you’re pleasing your patrons.

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Set the Standard for Support

Your customers have placed their trust in your products, and you need to stand behind them with a full suite of support services. While it’s good to have a fully-staffed helpdesk available to answer questions in a timely fashion, you could also send representatives out into the field to provide on-site assistance with cloud help desk software. If a client knows that help is available whenever it’s needed, they’ll be much more likely to stick with your company.

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive, and it’s easy to lose valuable accounts to a competitor that’s more proactive. By giving appropriate attention to your existing customer base while also attracting new customers, you’ll be doing your part to ensure a steady profit margin for the future.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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Ask These 5 Questions When Hiring Customer Support Specialists

Customers are the lifeblood of any company, as the revenue from repeat business is vital to survival. When it’s time to expand your team of customer-facing personnel, you should be careful to screen the people who will eventually represent your organization to the public and become your front line. While resumes and recommendations can help you make a decision, the interview process can be quite illuminating as you will get a feel for which personalities or traits are well suited for the role. Here are five questions you should ask when hiring customer support specialists.

How Do You Deal With a Customer With a Common Issue?

Any problem can be interesting the first time you hear about it, but it can grow tiresome when you’re hearing the same complaint dozens of times each day. Be sure to remember that the customer is probably new to the situation, and needs the same level of empathy that everyone else gets. If a potential hire doesn’t exhibit the appropriate level of compassion, it might not be a good fit.

Name a Bad Service Experience From Your Own Life

Everybody has a story that involves customer support specialists missing the mark, and you can learn a lot about a potential candidate from the response to this question. On a basic level, you’ll get a feel for what the interviewee regards as a bad interaction, but you can learn much more from this query:

  • The candidate’s ability to sense emotions during a discussion
  • How willing the interviewee is to compromise
  • The level of aggression your potential hire brings to an argument

What Did You Learn From This Incident?

A negative interaction can leave a bad taste in your mouth, but it also provides an opportunity to learn from the experience. You want employees who can tell when things are going south and take corrective action to provide an appropriate level of service. If your candidate has the ability to spot mistakes, he or she is much less likely to make them while working for your company.

As a Customer Support Specialists, How Quickly Can You Solve an Issue?

Your customers are already angry about their issue, and they want to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. If you have customer support specialists aren’t confident or take forever to find answers, it might inspire patrons to go with the competition the next time. It’s a fine line to walk, as you don’t want your people to sound like they’re rushing through a call, but you should put a premium on quick, decisive service.

How Do You Keep Your Customers Engaged?

You want people who know how to use customer service software or customer support software, but it takes more than that to provide a positive experience for callers. This interaction is taking place because one of your patrons isn’t happy with your company, and the representative has to do anything in his or her power to make sure the caller is satisfied before the end of the conversation. It could even be something as small as asking about the customer’s day or doing something else to provide a diversion from issue.

Your customer service representatives are the first line of interaction between your company and current or future clients. By asking these questions during the interview process, you’ll have a better chance of making a quality hire.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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6 Rules for Small Business Success and Growth

Small business owners have 18 months on average to turn a solid profit. That might seem as if it’s a long time, but you should never rest on your laurels. Bloomberg reports that 80 percent of small businesses shutter their doors and windows within that 18-month period – a whopping 80 percent. How do you pull your business vehicle onto the road to success? Follow these six rules for a good start.

1. Write a Business Plan and Update It

No matter how good your idea is, it will not take root if you do not have a clear picture of how to implement it. Write out a realistic and detailed business plan and update it regularly. Put on paper who you are, who your target demographic is, what your business goal is and how you are going to achieve it, including tasks and subtasks. Everyone must see your vision clearly.

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2. Keep Everything Organized

Keep your company data up to date and organized, especially your financials. It’s crucial to have accurate accounting records to analyze your company’s financial health and secure funding. You will not find backers for your venture if you cannot show your profits and losses clearly. Bookkeeping software can help you set a realistic budget and track all financial transactions.

3. Assess Your Niche and Competitors

You might establish a stronghold quickly in your niche, especially if it’s a unique one. This does not mean you should sit back and breathe easy. Today’s marketplace is volatile and global, and you must stay on top of trends and your competitors. Research your niche regularly to assess changes to which you must adapt and which competitors pose a threat to your positioning.

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4. Assess Your Position and Fluctuate

Each time your niche shifts, it’s time to look in the mirror, too. Depending on market demands and your ability to utilize technology such as customer service software, you may find now is the time to be flexible and expand your entity. Ask yourself whether you need additional staff or if it is time to harness the power of technology to open and manage another location.

5. Take Advantage of Online Tools

Attaining a customer base and keeping it includes constant communication using several online sources. Don’t simply open a Facebook or Instagram account. Take advantage of all platforms that match well with your business niche and post fresh and visually stimulating content on these platforms regularly. Link everything together and then back to a professional website.

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6. Never Stop Marketing to Existing and New Customers

Finally, design and implement a customer outreach plan. Customer service software can help. Learn how existing customers wish to be contacted, and then use the powerful communication tools in the software to reach out to them on a regular basis. Some will want to read email newsletters; others will enjoy the occasional text message. Many will want an app, so get one developed for your business.

Entrepreneurs who stay on top of their marketplace and their business’ positioning within it are the most successful ones. Don’t stunt your company’s growth unintentionally by becoming complacent once you achieve a little success. Leverage the power of organization, knowledge and the latest technology to get and keep your business on top. This will prevent you from being included in that distressing Bloomberg 80-percent statistic.

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