What Does Your Complete Hub for Customer Support Look Like?

The key to exceptional customer service is exceptional communication. To this end, it is important for companies to be available through their clients’ preferred methods of communication. With Cayzu’s Multi Channel platform, you can efficiently manage and respond to incoming messages from multiple communication portals.

Email Tickets

Communication rapidly deteriorates without organization to support it. Cayzu’s email ticketing feature completely organizes incoming queries into appropriate categories and facilitates collaboration between support agents.

• Prevent two agents from taking the same query with agent collision detection feature.
• Enable agents to work together using our private note feature.
• Organize each incoming query by type and deadline.
• Keep customers updated on your progress.

Live Chat

Many people prefer to communicate with companies via live chats instead of phone calls. Cayzu’s integrated live chat add-ons enables you to offer real-time assistance to customers who are visiting your website. If follow-up is necessary after your conversation is complete, you can convert the conversation into an email ticket, enabling you to revisit to the matter later when you check your inbox.

Self-Service Portal

People like to do it themselves when they can. Integrating a self-service portal into your customer support model gives your customers the option to take charge of their experiences. Cayzu lets you incorporate relevant information into your portal, giving customers access to the answers they need. You can also use Google Analytics to understand the topics your customers are most curious about and the articles they rely on most often.

Support Widget

By adding the Cayzu support widget to your website and other frequently trafficked areas, you give your customers the option to compose ticket queries while continuing to browse your site.
The Support System for Your Support System

Social Media Management

A growing number of customers prefer to contact companies using social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. You can accommodate these preferences by using Cayzu’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

Cayzu converts incoming notifications from both social media outlets to email tickets. This lets you dive straight into your responses instead of taking extra time to retrieve and sort your messages. You can compose your responses to these messages through Cayzu, but your responses will still appear on the sites from which your customers sent them.

Companies who make use of Cayzu’s multiple channels and at-a-glance features have a leg up on their competitors. Cayzu handles the organization of customer service for you, so you can focus on addressing your customers’ questions, resolving their issues and maintaining strong relationships with them.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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