Help Desk Software for e-Commerce & Retail Stores

How efficient is your customer ticket system? Whether you’re running a small retail store or e-commerce empire, your customers will have questions. From returns to product inquiries, keep all your customer tickets, emails and answers together in a well-organized system. That’s where our help desk software can take the stress out of e-commerce business.

What Is e-Commerce Customer Service?

Your online customer service needs to deal with some issues never experienced by traditional brick-and-mortar stores. First, there’s a few key areas that separate this form of customer service, like shipping details, your return policy and complaints about products that don’t live up to their online personas.

Your e-commerce business also faces fierce, often international competition. One way to keep your business thriving in this intense marketplace is offering excellent customer service, and customer service software for e-commerce can save you precious hours of your time.

What Is Help Desk Software for ecommerce?

Simply put, help desk software for ecommerce is a gamechanger. Have you ever been bogged down with hundreds of emails asking the same questions? How about losing track of specific customer complaints due to disorganized tickets? While you’re perfecting the management and workflow of your warehousing, it’s time to find out how to streamline your customer service workflow as well.

No two help desk software options are exactly the same. At Cayzu, we put together a dynamic software alternative that focuses on the basics in an innovative and intuitive way. With our help desk, you can easily:

Common e-Commerce Customer Service Struggles

How many tickets do you receive? Some online businesses can receive a ticket every eight purchases, on average. If your website is missing an FAQ section or your product is complex, it could be even higher.

You may have been sent in tickets yourself. As a customer, you want enough information to make an informed decision. With thousands of options to choose from, you want to choose the very best product at the best price.

Make sure your help desk has the features you need to present a unified appearance to your company. Whether you’re working with freelance customer service agents across the globe or a tight-knit team of service specialists in-house, use agent collision features to make sure your agents don’t repeat answers or send conflicting answers to a customer.

Without help desk software for e-commerce, your customers may not have a convenient way to reach you. Or, you could end up spending your days replying to comments and emails in order to answer every question. Or, even worse, you may have a multi-channel e-commerce business in place. With multiple channels, you may have questions coming at you from all angles. From social media and emails to phone calls and text messages, the flurry of inquiries and updates can be overwhelming. If you’re thinking there’s got to be a better way, then you’re in luck.

Benefits of Help Desk Software for e-Commerce

The foundation of help desk customer service software is streamlining. The ultimate goal should be to make your tickets easier to track and manage. If your software is over complicating things, it’s time to make a change.

At its best, help desk software can create a single platform where you can respond to all types of tickets, while giving your customers as many communication methods as possible. Some customers prefer social media, while others will want to send a quick chat message on your website for an immediate response.

Whatever method they choose, your help desk can sort, filter and even automate responses to customer questions. Now you won’t have to obsessively check a dozen different business-related social media accounts, or lose track of all these communication channels and let customers fall through the cracks.

Keep Your Customers Informed

The best help desk software will allow you to recognize trends in your tickets. If multiple customers ask about the same feature, maybe it’s time to create an FAQ. Your customer service software will give you the option to collect FAQs and create a list of common questions and answers. This will not only help lead to more informed customers who are willing to buy, it should also decrease the number of repeat tickets you receive.

Keep Yourself Informed

If this all sounds to you like a lot of informed streaming through a single platform, you’re right. The goal, however, it to make all your communications within your company and between your company and customers clear and available to you.

With this in mind, you can integrate a wide variety of apps, search ticket history, organize tickets based on topics or other issues and keep track of how long it takes to respond to customer inquiries. With intuitive software, you’ll be able to organize and manipulate this data to understand more about your company’s customer service.

Pass that knowledge on to your team through updates and meetings, and pass it on to your customers through comprehensive FAQs that are easy to keep updated and relevant.

Streamline Your Customer Service Today

At Cayzu, we work hard to make sure your customer service team can leverage their time and talents. We’ve created comprehensive software that lets your agents do what they do best. If you’re tired of confusing and disorganized tickets for your e-commerce business, try a free demo of our help desk software today. From mobile shopping to traditional retail stores, provide your customers the answers they need to make a purchase.