Help Desk Software for Schools, Universities & Higher Education Colleges.

Educational organizations have unique needs when it comes to their IT infrastructure and the support staff who keep it running correctly. That’s because unlike private-sector businesses, schools and the organizations built to support them generally don’t have customers.

Even private schools operate more as an institution and less as a commercial entity than practically any other privately-owned organization, and as such, they need support staff that understands their unique role in a community of people working to grow and learn. Those staff members, in turn, need the tools to provide that support in a friendly way that helps improve everyone’s interaction with the system. That’s what Help Desk Software for Schools is built to support.

Understanding the Help Desk Support of Universities

Even among educational institutions, not all organizations can be said to have the same regular needs. Universities are seats of learning for young professionals working to master a field of knowledge that is intimately related to a profession or group of professions. As such, they need help desk support that will nurture the tech skills of students while providing both problem resolution and professional development for staff. That means having help desk software for higher education that’s designed to allow support tickets to be divided by class and triaged to the correct team.

Providing help desk solutions for schools

On top of the triaging and team-assignment features universities need, school districts and private academies providing primary and secondary education for children need to be able to coordinate communications to parents on an individual and mass scale, update families about community activities and fund-raising developments, and keep in touch with alumni. It’s a unique set of needs that isn’t duplicated in industry, but the tools to create those communications are present in some existing help desk systems, like Cayzu. It’s just a matter of configuring them for the unique requirements that schools have for technology.

How Can Contemporary Helpdesk Software Help Education?

Here’s a brief look at what the right software will bring your IT support team:

  • Identify users with roles that define their access level and prioritize their requests to the right support team
  • Easily set values for student, administrator, teacher, support staff, or any other role your organization needs,
    including specialized roles like behavior specialist or counselor
  • Task user groups to dedicated teams that are trained to respond to the unique issues they have because of their role
    in the organization
  • Use sophisticated trouble ticket classification to identify and triage general tickets to all teams even when they are
    requested by off-team users while preserving individualized support for role-specific issues
  • Reimagine help desk software as incident reporting and supervisory follow-up to structure the confidential
    communications of professional teams around other educational challenges by creating ticket reporting and team
    assignments for administrative issues
  • Provide feedback and progress updates to users on supported tickets as they advance through the system, including
    estimated times to the front of the queue based on the recent history of issue resolution

All these features are possible with the right installation and configuration of help desk suite for your organization. That’s not all this software can do, though. Help desk software for education also plays a role in skill building throughout your learning community.

Help Desk Apps as a Teaching Tool

Technological skills are a necessity in practically every professional role across every industry today. Helping students learn to interact with technological systems like those used by educational institutions means teaching them to navigate the resources provided as a user’s manual, not forcing them to memorize specific operations. Of course, students can only learn too use a manual if it’s got accessible information that solves their problems. That’s why help desk software like Cayzu is designed to allow for the compilation of electronic manuals.

Users can access these help pages, search by topic, and follow up with questions about their unique situation that reflect a better contextual understanding of the issue they are experiencing, and often they learn to resolve minor issues themselves. This helps students, but it also helps staff, because the process of training to use the new software can be spread out, with concentrated training to introduce system basics and a good support manual for learning to navigate the finer features of the software as it is integrated into the other educational technology tools in use at your school.

Make Life Easier for Your IT Support Team

Helping everyone do better means supporting every member in every role in your organization. That doesn’t just include students, administrators, and teachers. It also includes support staff, and support staff includes your IT team. The right help desk software for education will not only make it easier for you to train your educators to use your IT infrastructure, it will make it easier for your IT professionals to respond while doing away with excess busy work that clogs up their troubleshooting queue.

  • Triage tasks according to affected systems to send the right technicians the first time, whether it’s hardware,
    software, network infrastructure, or end user help queries that are on the ticket
  • Customize staff and student inquiry systems to make it easy for users to see answers to their questions when they have
    been resolved
  • Easily organize your teams so you know where everyone is working and what they are working on
  • Communicate estimates and queue wait times to students and staff with more accuracy

The right help desk software can make a good IT support team into a well-oiled machine that keeps your computer technology working without seeming to stay busy. Make life easy for your IT team, your students, and your staff today. Invest in the support they need.