Help Desk Ticket Field Customization

Save cycle times by asking the right questions from the beginning by adding custom fields to your ticket submissions.

Ticket Field Customization Can Greatly Improve Customer Response

Cayzu Help Desk offers a range of features that can greatly improve your existing customer support service. A wide selection of features is essential to meeting the often voluminous demands inherent to the customer support industry, especially for those agents tasked with performing multiple daily functions within their department.

One such feature allows agents the ability to customize ticket fields to increase efficiency when performing crucial customer support tasks. Customized ticket fields offer a range of benefits for agents, from getting the exact information necessary for a support call to meeting less traditional help desk needs.

Benefits of Creating Custom Fields

The ability to create customized ticket fields affords numerous benefits to help desk support agents. The most noticeable benefit is the time this feature saves on ticket responses. Instead of struggling to bring together the information needed to resolve a query, agents can simply tailor their ticket to the customer’s exact needs.

Customized fields are also useful for those agents performing specialized tasks that not every company will require. This includes things like tracking internal projects, as well as verifying project requirements. By tailoring fields to your company’s specific needs, both agents and customers will experience increased efficiency as it pertains to customer support issues.

Easy-To-Use Customization Options

When it comes to creating customized ticket fields, Cayzu offers agents an easy-to-use interface that allows for a quick and efficient customization process. This ease-of-use ensures that all agents will be able to create customized tickets, no matter their level of technical expertise.
In addition to the uncomplicated interface, Cayzu also provides a variety of options when customizing tickets. This includes the following fields:

• Single Line
• Number
• Paragraph
• Checkbox
• Dropdown

These options can change depending on the expected response from customers. This provides support agents with the ability to ably meet every customer need, no matter how diverse. Agents can also dictate whether a field is mandatory or optional, as well providing different labels for agents and customers.