See the trends in real-time with google analytics

Don’t miss out on valuable data that can help you make better decisions.

Cayzu’s Google Analytics Integration

Far too often, companies looking to make a splash in their internet marketing get too caught up in trying to outsmart their customers. Many feel as though the ultimate goal to improving their content marketing is being able to guess what their customers are thinking.

We here at Cayzu wonder why they would worry themselves with guesswork at all. After all, isn’t everything that customers want already clearly stated right on companies’ sites?

If you’ve fallen into this marketing trap, we’re here to help spring you from it. You all have of the info that you need to build quality marketing content neatly stored within your support portal.

There lies that all important feedback that will allow you to tailor your message to better suit what your customer base is looking for. You just have to know how to use it.

Applying Analytics to Your Help Desk

Most employ their analytical tools such as Google Analytics to track their traffic flow; few have thought to apply it to the information in their support portal.

That’s where Cayzu comes in. Cayzu helps you integrate Google Analytics with your help desk portal allowing you to clearly track those trends that indicate:

• What your customers value
• Which articles interest them the most
• What content fails to draw their attention

How can you hope to truly become closer with your customers if you barely even know them? They’ve left all of the keys to who they are and what they want within your support portal. Cayzu can help you find them.