Internal Ticketing System & Help Desk Software for Employees

Many employers find themselves searching for ways to simplify the process of handling employee requests and queries.

Assignment Rules and Quick Responses

Cayzu Internal Ticketing System provides employers and employees with an easy to use software. Through its simple web interface, employees can enter their requests directly into the ticket submission form, or they can email their requests to a specific support email address. All submitted requests are converted to tickets so that your support staff can easily categorize and address each issue.

Most employers that handle employee questions and requests have discovered that they often get the same questions several times a week. To alleviate this problem, Cayzu’s internal ticketing system provides a quick response to these duplicate requests.

Thanks to this system, you can create and store answer templates for commonly asked questions. When you receive a commonly asked question, you can send your reply with the click of a button instead of formulating a new response each time you receive the same question.

Cayzu’s assignment rules also help to save time by enabling your support staff to automate repetitive tasks.

Internal Knowledge Base

Although companies need to address employee concerns and questions, their primary focus should be on their external customers. Therefore, the more companies can reduce the need for employees to submit queries, the better they can serve their external customers.

Thanks to Cayzu’s internal knowledge base which isn’t public to customers, employees can find many of the self-help documents they need. For instance, they can rely on the knowledge base for finding software renewals, ID card reapplication forms and company procedures.

Internal Support Tracking

Cayzu’s internal ticketing system also enables employers to track the type and volume of requests and queries that are coming in. By analyzing ticket trends, you can spot communication gaps in your company and address these issues proactively.

Also, this internal support tracking can help you work with your support team to improve their response time and response quality, which increases the overall efficiency of your organization.

Internal Service Level Agreements

With our internal service level agreements, your users will know what to expect in terms of resolution and answer times, and we can help you make a smooth transition to this new system. Cayzu Help Desk also supports auto tracking for internal due dates.


Time Tracking

With Cayzu’s time tracking tool, you can automatically keep track of the amount of time you spend on each support ticket. Then all information can be compiled into an exportable time sheet report.