Intuitive Help Desk Reports

Elegantly designed reports and dashboards feed your support team with critical information so they can react quickly and efficiently.

Quickly and Efficiently Derive the Information You Need From Vital Reports

While a proper reading of hard figures are a key concern in business, everyday working environments often leave very little time for poring over spreadsheets and the like. This is especially true for those individuals working in the customer support capacity, who are often swamped with addressing client concerns and remedying problems. While these tasks are highly important, a firm understanding of facts and figures can’t be left by the wayside.

For those struggling to keep up with essential metrics related to daily support processes, Cayzu has a solution. We can help you accurately pinpoint the most important aspects of spreadsheets and charts, thereby saving both time and money for your business. This is crucial to offering customers the service they expect, while also staying well-versed in the total performance of your office.

The Information You Need, When You Need It

Providing exceptional customer support can be quite overwhelming. Issues tend to pile up rapidly, and navigating backlogs can often result in even more problems coming to light than previously anticipated. In this case, even the best customer support professionals can use a helping hand.

With Cayzu, support specialists can take a step back and look at the entire process from a fresh perspective. This will allow you to review the status of your current operation, whether you are concerned with customers, the helpdesk as a whole, or even just an individual agent.

Bring Your Best Players Into Focus

Setting benchmarks is important to keeping your team on track. Using Cayzu allows you to identify the Top-N reports, which is key to recognizing those customers and agents that are most valuable to the team as a whole. This can help you prioritize your work load, while also providing keen insights into the principles that matter most.

Increase Customer Satisfaction With Improved Support

Cayzu also affords methods aimed at help desk improvements. We provide access to top-performing articles related to enhanced support, as well the most sought-after support products available. These resources can be highly beneficial to improving overall customer experience.