Integrate JIRA with Cayzu

Bridging the Gap Between Your Software Engineering Team and End Customers

Your support team can only do so much when there are barriers in place that impede their ability to respond to customer issues. Fortunately, the Cayzu/JIRA solution can enable your support workers to connect directly with customers to address their concerns. Not only will your engineers know exactly what bugs and issues are causing your customers the most grief, but they will also be able to prioritize them so that the most pressing ones can be corrected much faster.

Makes Your Agents More Efficient

Cayzu /JIRA also enables your agents to map and connect to problems from within and outside of the Cayzu environment, and apply status and information updates to all corresponding issues in JIRA to customer help desk tickets.

Keep tabs on your engineering team’s progress so your agents can relay critical information to customers who have issues that are being worked on. Your agents can reach out and follow-up as necessary to resolve any standing concerns and bugs. Your customers can even view the status of their technical issues and provide feedback to others.