MSP Help Desk Software

For information technology businesses, especially managed service providers, service and support are essential aspects of the customer experience. Handling user queries accurately and in a timely manner can make a world of difference in ensuring satisfied customers.

Ideally, MSPs should have an easy-to-use access point for users who have questions. This is typically called a help desk. Generally, the majority of queries are technical support. However, it can be helpful to also address sales and licensing questions through the same point of access. Most IT businesses use msp help desk software to help manage user queries and responses from customer support. This software helps keep everything organized and streamlined.

IT and MSP Help Desk Software Benefits

Help desk software helps IT businesses in a variety of ways. It can be internally facing, externally facing or both. The former being addressing queries for team members and the latter being addressing queries for customers. No matter the audience, the primary goal of the help desk software is to efficiently handle requests. There are many great advantages to using one of these tools.

  • Multichannel access for customers with questions.
  • A single access point for finding and responding to user queries.
  • Knowledgebase answers for common questions and topics.
  • Issue tracking for both support representatives and users.
  • Management functionality for overseeing support activities.
  • More consistent support due to pre-written template answers.
  • Options for self-service for more advanced users.
  • Scalability to enable quality support no matter your organization size.

Many managed service providers and other IT teams start with just a support email address. However, as you grow, keeping track of questions, their statuses and who is responding to them can become difficult. Having the best help desk software for IT and MSP teams can make keeping things streamlined much easier.

Handling Requests Across Multiple Channels

No matter how hard your team tries to funnel requests through a single channel, customers will reach out via email, phone, social media and wherever else they can find you. Having a multichannel help desk solution will help keep your customer queries organized across all those platforms. Better yet, your users will be happy because of how easy your team is to reach. Some important channels include:

  • Email: Perhaps the most commonly used tool for business communication, email is a must-have for support. It helps
    keep interactions alive because users don’t need to check a portal to see responses. All they need to do is send
    emails like usual.
  • Online Portal: A branded portal offers users a simple way to submit and check up on tickets. It can also be used to
    share answers to commonly asked questions and information on common issues.
  • Facebook: Social media is an important part of how people interact with brands today. Whether you want them to or
    not, your users will share their stories, questions and concerns on Facebook. So, having an organization system for
    responding to them is essential.
  • Twitter: Like Facebook, Twitter is a big platform for sending questions. The message-and-reply format makes it
    especially relevant for user questions.

Scaling With Organization Size

One of the greatest challenges in finding the right help desk software is matching it to the size of your MPS business. The ideal solution should scale with your team and your customer base. It should be easy-to-use when you have a relatively low volume of queries and organized when you have a large volume.

  • Small Businesses: When you have a small team, the main thing you need is a solution that doesn’t get in your way. It
    should be simple and affordable. Your processes are relatively simple because you only have one or a few people
    responding to most queries.
  • Large Teams: As you get larger, you have many more people handling customer service. So, your help desk software
    needs to help you keep your processes organized. It needs to give your management personnel analytics, oversight and
  • Everything In Between: A highly customizable and flexible solution gives you the chance to match the functionality
    to your needs. Cayzu is easy-to-use but feature-rich making it easy to match to your current and future needs,
    whatever they may be.

More Efficient Management

Managing customer support means being able to ensure not only that questions are being answered but also that the answers are effective and timely. The right tools can make this easy.

  • Metrics Reporting: Key performance indicators such as average response time, query volume and customer ratings can
    help you keep on top of your support services. Comparing these qualities over time also helps you make better decisions
    and plan for the future.
  • Critical Issue Highlights: Some user issues are simple, others are more complex. Managers need to be able to identify
    the most critical issues and address them promptly. These may be the most widespread issues or the most impactful ones.
  • Personnel Management: Managers need to know who is performing well. Knowing who are the top representatives can help
    you make better personnel decisions.

Finding the Best Help Desk Software for MSP Teams

Discover how Cayzu can help your managed service provider or other IT team better handle your customer support operations. Effective and timely responses are essential to customer satisfaction. Staying organized with the right help desk software for IT teams can help you keep your users happy and your business growing. Click here to learn more.