Manage Multiple Products & Brands from a Single Help Desk Portal

It doesn’t matter if you support radically different product lines under one umbrella or operate multiple separate businesses, Cayzu’s multi brand help desk has you covered!

Effective Multi-Product Service from a Single Portal

Perhaps your business supports radically different product lines under one umbrella or you actually operate multiple separate businesses in a single infrastructure operation. Either way, you need to find efficient ways to serve your customers and maintain optimal productivity among your staff. Segmenting your customer service operations by brand, product line or company is one tactic to do just this.

If you are intrigued with this idea but unsure of how to actually implement it, technology can help. Cayzu Help Desk is a cloud based solution designed for with this purpose in mind. With Cayzu you can have multiple different end-user portals all feeding into one cloud based help desk portal. This means your support team can manage multiple different products and brands from one central location without losing your brands identify with your customers.

With Cayzu Help Desk you can automate routing of support tickets to the appropriate agent or workgroup, manage outbound email accounts and ensure your customers find the right user forums, help sections on your website or other resources they may be searching for.

Protect Each of Your Brand’s Unique Identities

From a customer experience perspective, getting to the right place quickly and efficiently without needing to be transferred or kept on hold is of primary importance. Delivering good customer service can lead to repeat business, positive reviews and more. Cayzu can help you create this high level of customer satisfaction with ease.

Your business will also enjoy a good ROI with Cayzu Help Desk because your internal staff will no longer need to spend their time simply rerouting customers to the right place but can instead actually serve the people they are trained and hired to serve. Your web analytics will also be more accurate because visits and other data related to area specific to certain products or businesses will actually reflect the people who were truly looking for that information, not people who went to a page only as part of a journey to a completely different area.

The look and feel of your Cayzu Help Desk solution is also customizable so that you can make it truly your own. You can even use design as a navigational aid to your customers. The easy-to-use interface makes it a viable option for any business and, of course, the software that helps you provide good customer service comes with its own handy help desk. So, if you are looking for a new, affordable way to boost your team’s productivity and customer satisfaction ratings, give Cayzu Help Desk a try.