Analyze & track help desk performance

Elegantly designed reports and dashboards feed your support team with critical information so they can react quickly and efficiently. That’s the beauty of the new Cayzu Online Help Desk Software.

See the trends in real-time​

Analyze any operational data and track key support metrics. Stay on top of your support department. Cayzu provides visualization of important metrics that you care about in real-time.

Get a Quick Overview

With Cayzu reports, it is simple for you to track important metrics. Want to quickly know the number of tickets or the average first response time today or last week? We got you covered.

Know how your team is performing!

Every report was designed with accountability in mind. Get data on everything from which customer is putting in the most support to the busiest support times, all in real-time.

Identify and resolve the most critical customer issues

Cayzu provides your agents and managers the right data to quickly identify where customers are having the most trouble so that they can be corrected right away.

Identify your high performers

Cayzu makes it easy to identify your super star agents and your weakest links. Provide your customers with what they deserve, better customer service.