Automatically Assign Tickets to Available Agents

Ensure all agents are equally busy!

Time Tracking integrated with your help desk

Cayzu’s native Round Robin scheduling allows your help desk to auto-assign tickets in a circular fashion to available agents by group.

Round Robin saves you the time and hassle of having to figure out who a ticket should be assigned to. No more trying to run reports or spending time calculating who the least busy agent is as your help desk will do it for you!

Round Robin will ensure that your distribution of tickets will be uniform per group and will even automatically exclude unavailable agents that might be off on vacation, sick or busy with other projects.

And the best part of Round Robin distribution? Your customers’ happiness! Round Robin ensures that your help desk team has a much better chance of meeting SLA’s and/or getting answers quicker as the work load among agents will be more balanced as well as by the time saved avoiding manual ticket assignment to agents!

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