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With Cayzu’s salesforce help desk software app your sales people won’t ever get pie in their faces ever again…. Cayzu keeps your sales reps informed by synchronizing customer issues directly into Salesforce so that they know about problems before dialing so this type of call won’t ever happen again:

Sales Person: Hi Mr Customer.  This is Peter from Acme Co, how are you doing today?

Customer: I’m good, can I help you?

Sales Person: I’m calling today to see if I could sign you up on our latest Acme bird trap that you’ve had a trial of?

Customer: What!? Haven’t your heard of the problems I’ve had with it? Fix your problems and maybe then I would decide to buy!…. (beep beep beep… hung up)

And guess what? They’ll thank you for it.

Your sales reps will love it
Sales reps are sensitive and don’t like getting their feelings hurt.  Being misinformed or not informed at all will put their deals that they’ve worked so hard at in jeopardy.  So let Cayzu do the heavy lifting for you and keep your sales reps informed in the place that matters to them, in their CRM.

Your customers will love it
Let’s face it, no customers really likes being sold, especially when they’re experiencing problems. Let Cayzu avoid those awkward moments for you by keeping sales and support in harmony.

And you’ll love it
At Cayzu we focus on making life better for both you and your customers.  You smiling makes us happy!

Some of our awesome features

Interact with Twitter

Integrated with Highrise

Integrated with ZOHO CRM

Truly Mobile

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