How to choose the best help desk software for your small business?

How to Choose the Best Help Desk Software for Your Small Business

Cayzu wants to provide you with the absolute best in online help desk software, but we also realize that it can be difficult finding just the right customer service software for your business. Thankfully, we’ve provided you with a few of the most essential components to help you make your decision in finding the best help desk software for your needs.

What’s Your Budget?

The very first thing that you’ll want to do is figure out just how much money you have in your business bank account to devote to help desk software. We’ve found that one of the main reasons many small businesses don’t have good online customer support software is because they don’t believe that they can afford it. One of the great things about cloud computing is that it makes the process easier and more affordable than ever. Just to make sure that we have the perfect option for all of our customers, we have three separate plans for you to choose from with our SOLO plan starting at $0 forever for up to 3 agents.

What Kind of Bells & Whistles Do You Need?

As you’re figuring out how much you can spare for help desk software, it’s also best that you figure out exactly what your specific needs are when it comes to customer service. Besides the areas in which you’re lacking, you should also consider any areas where automations can increase your agent productivity and lower redundancies. Which touch points could use a bit of help to make it easier for your customers to access your business?

Examples of some of the features we offer include:

Do You Know What Features You’re Getting?

It’s also a good idea for you to know as much as possible about the features you’ll be getting with your help desk plan. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you ever have any questions about any of our features or about customer support software in general. Just inform us of your personal requirements and we’ll do our absolute best to pair you up with the right plan and see to it that as many of your requirements as possible are met. We know that not everyone will be able to make a final decision based on our responses to their questions, which is why we allow you to test our solution for free.

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What Kind of Security Do You Need?

Depending on what industry you’re in, you might have sensitive and confidential addresses, names, account numbers, and passwords that customers have to include with their help requests. Ask about security before you decide on a specific plan so that you can be sure that your customers and their information will be well protected. We ensure that each and every one of our servers is hosted in a world class data center that’s under constant surveillance by Internet specialists.

Other Questions You Should Ask: 

  1. Is the help desk solution cloud based? (Quicker deployment/no back end management)
  2. Does the help desk solution provide a branded self-service knowledge base?
  3. What is the total cost of ownership? (Are there any hidden fee’s, modules etc..)
  4. Does the help desk solution provide you the right reports to run your business?
  5. Does the help desk solution provide you expandability through integrations and an API?
  6. Does the help desk solution have strong roots and a good reputation?

For more help on deciding on the perfect help desk software for your business, get in touch with a Cayzu representative today. Together we can give your small business the big business resources it needs to evolve.

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