Small Businesses Can Combat the Amazons of the World

It’s National Small Business week 2014 and small businesses everywhere are feeling the pressure from large internet retailers. E-tailers can offer customers a greater selection of goods and services at prices that small businesses can’t meet. However, small businesses can distinguish themselves from the big name e-tailers and other industry heavy-hitters with a secret weapon! . The secret weapon i’m referring to is called “exceptional customer service”.

The Personal Touch Really Matters

Though customers now perceive online shopping as an equitable alternative to shopping at a brick and mortar store, they are sometimes hesitant to make certain purchasing choices online. Customers value the “look and feel” approach to shopping and still like physically browsing in stores.

This is where a personalized customer service experience can really make the difference for your customers, where you can dominate over your online competitors. Online stores don’t have real physical people in front of a customer, real people that can welcome customers with a smile and a good old fashioned, “How are you doing today?” .

And guess what? Real people can provide a more approachable attitude to customer inquiries and can often solve problems with greater agility and speed than a support rep on a web site can. Problem solving and support are two areas in which your business can come out on top.

Focus on Expertise and Informed Service

Another major advantage that small businesses can leverage against larger competitors is expertise. Small business owners are passionate people and the employees that work for them tend to be as well. That passion results in a natural expertise in particular subject matter. For instance, while an online bookstore may retail a bestselling book at the lowest price, a bookseller working in a brick and mortar store can direct readers to titles with similar themes and characters. Staying abreast of the latest developments in your industry, testing products, offering reviews, and otherwise developing your expertise is a great way to provide customers with in-depth information that they cannot get from an online retailer.

Other Personalized Strategies

In addition to personalized customer support and a high degree of expertise, small businesses can adopt a number of other personalized strategies to attract and retain customers:
• Refine your help desk strategies: Provide a level of personal support that other businesses cannot. Integrate online custom support software and help desk software into your operations.
• Provide informational resources: Product demos, reviews, and other customer-oriented informational resources will further cement your expertise.
• Strong branding and company identity: Developing your own product line and pursuing other branding options will help create an identity that customers will associate with your business. Even if other businesses offer similar products or services, those products will not have the same brand value.

A Bonus to Your Small Business

Because Cayzu was designed for small businesses, we’d like to give your small business 3 months of Cayzu Helpdesk FREE of charge.  Simply sign up any time before May 19, 2014 and mention this blog in an email to  Thanks again small businesses for powering our economies!

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