7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Online Marketing

The Internet may still be young, but online marketing is imperative to a highly successful businesses. Especially for small companies, a quality web presence can increase revenue and profit by making your products and services available to your customers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Many enterprises aren’t making the most of their various internet platforms and customer service software, but with the right shifts, any company can begin converting web leads into paying customers.

1. Don’t Get Caught in the Family Trap

One of the hallmarks of entrepreneurship is calling in favors from friends and family. Though these types of “associates” usually come without fees, they are rarely experts in advertising or online content. The truth is you probably entrust your web presence to professionals who understand the market.

2. Choose the Right Service and Provider

Some firms are huge and mainly focus on even larger clients. Others will offer unbelievable pricing, but low quality services. When you are setting up your online business components like a cloud help desk, make sure you hire partners like Cayzu who have a track record of excellence.

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3. Hop on the SEO Bandwagon

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization and it involves the use of keywords to get to the top of search engine results. Most companies base their efforts on the Google algorithms, but if you have an international business, you should cater to other popular search engines as well.

4. Beef Up Your SEM

Search engine marketing or SEM incorporates SEO tactics but it is a much wider discipline. The system might employ pay-per-click advertising as well as SEO to drive your businesses websites to increase search engine visibility. As far as customer acquisition, this s considered on of the most effective tactics currently in use. With over 3.5 billion daily Google searches, it’s not hard to imagine why.

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5. Put the Work in for a Perfectly Engineered Site

Modern consumers are impatient and 40 percent of Internet users will leave a website if it doesn’t load in three seconds. Plus, 50 percent of web searches happen on mobile phones and apps. For these reasons, you website needs to adjust for mobile devices, be devoid of glitches and instantly engage leads with its design.

6. Sincerely Engage Social Media

When social media sites first popped up, they were seen as a way for young people to connect with each other, but they were not considered fit for professionals. Now, even the white house has an active Twitter presence. Social media sites reach millions of people and can be responsible for effective advertising.

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7. Snail Mail Is Dead but Email Isn’t

Email is fast and doesn’t require postage. Regular newsletters, blog content or special offers are a great way to keep customers engaged and they foster consistent communication between the business and client. Like social media, you can track results and statistics, which will help you make smarter company decisions down the line.

No enterprise should view their web presence as unnecessary or unimportant. Something as simple as having an accessible online helpdesk can draw in and retain clients who like the ease and design of the system. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Internet media.

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The Pizza Analogy. Customer Experience: More Than Just Customer Service

Too many organizations only think about the service they are providing rather than what experiences their customers are having. It’s easy to focus on customer service without considering the bigger picture of customer experience. While these two things work together, they are most successful when they are tackled with their own respective business strategies via customer service software. We’re here to help you understand the difference between these two terms so that you can give your customers a rewarding experience.

The Pizza Analogy

Everyone loves pizza, right? Well, maybe not everyone, but work with us! Imagine a plain cheese pizza. It’s pretty good and mostly anyone would eat some if there weren’t any other options available. Now imagine a pizza with your favorite toppings–pepperoni, sausage, or even pineapple. This pizza was handmade with all organic ingredients and cooked to perfection in a brick oven. The second pizza is more desirable, right?

The plain cheese pizza is customer service by itself. It is good on its own, but it is lacking something. Customer experience gives you all the extra toppings and backstory that make you actually excited to eat the pizza. Delivering comprehensive customer service is like delivering a good pizza. It matters how it’s made, how it’s delivered, the quality of the packaging, and how quickly it was delivered. The plain underlying cheese pizza plays a big role in how it’s perceived, but it becomes truly satisfying when everything comes together.

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Let’s Get Technical

Now that you have entertained our love of pizza, let’s dig deeper into what this looks like operationally. Providing a successful customer experience means proactively predicting what your customers want. Customer service by itself is reactionary. Resolving issues such as process failures or user errors is customer service. Customer experience is about creating an attractive perception of your brand.

When you reach out to your customers in a proactive manner, they will feel good when they interact with your brand. Customer experience is making your customers feel comfortable about accessing your organization, while customer service is used to resolve issues and satisfy needs. When these are both applied strategically, you will keep your customers coming back.

Interact Before There Is An Issue

The best thing you can do to attract customers to your organization is providing interactive opportunities that get them excited to purchase your products or services. There are many valuable facets of customer experience, but social media is an emergent and ever-changing landscape that plays a big role. Rather than providing customer service separately across social media channels and via email, what if you could integrate it all into one?

We have HelpDesk customer service software that provides seamless integration of your websites, email accounts, and social media profiles. This gives you the tools you need to expand your presence and interact with customers more efficiently and proactively.

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Give Your Customers An Experience

When you develop a strategy to execute positive interactions with the help of Cloud Help Desk software, you will create a favorable perception of your business. Learn how our multichannel social software can help.

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How to Keep Your Customers Right Where They Are

Businesses can have the best products or services in their respective industries, but they likely aren’t going to be very successful if they’re unable to prevent customers from falling into the arms of their competition. While Cayzu’s cloud help desk is designed to allow you to take care of and keep your customers, there are several additional things you can do to keep your churn rate down and your customer satisfaction rate high.

Get the Entire Picture

We’re focused on customer service, be we also realise there are several departments that make up your organisation. Keep customers happy by keeping the lines of communication open and clear between your customer service, marketing, engineering, sales and any other departments your business has. Share information across departments to find ways to take the absolute best care of your customers.

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Find the Root of the Problem

No matter how hard you try, there are simply some customers you aren’t going to be able to satisfy. For those times where you try your best and are still unable to provide customers with what they want, find out where it was that you misstepped. Is there a problem with your wares or services? Is your helpdesk not performing as well as you’d hoped? Did the customer feel neglected? No matter what the issue is, see if there’s a way to rectify it, and ask the customer to give you another chance.

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Make It Personal

Everyone likes it when you treat them as an individual, but it’s especially true when it comes to your customers. Any information you gather about customers should be utilised to make their shopping experience more personal. Rather than send out a blast email regarding an upcoming sale or new product, target customers who have shown an interest in the product or sale and send it specifically to them. After all, you wouldn’t let a customer know you have a new type of coffeemaker if he or she only drinks tea.

With the right information, it’s not as hard as you might think to reduce your overall customer churn and retain happy customers!.

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How to Manage Your Knowledge to Grow your Power

Knowledge is indeed power, especially when it comes to beating your competitors. Cayzu creates customer support software to help you harness that knowledge, but there’s even more you can do to take great care of your customers and build your business at the same time. Learn why it’s so essential to properly harness and manage the wealth of information at your disposal.

Streamline the Resolution Process

Gathering and managing knowledge allows your customer service team to better respond to customer support problems. Whenever a representative successfully takes care of a customer issue, it’s better to have that solution shared with all of your representatives rather than have the information remain with one person. This way, the rest of your representatives don’t have to go through a trial-and-error period when faced with the same issue, which can cost you business.

Tip: A customer facing public knowledge base is critical to your business but don’t forget an internal, private knowledge base for your team! – Cayzu can help with both! 

Get it Right the First Time

Gathering consumer information such as name, address, contact information and the like into a central database prevents customers from having to repeat the information whenever they reach out to your help desk. Imagine being lobbed back and forth between representatives and having to give your phone number and other contact detail each and every single time. This takes up time, and can make your customers quite frustrated and irritated.

Tip: Cayzu consolidates all your contact/company information into easy to use contact cards that are accessible directly when working in a support request.  

Let Customers Help Themselves

Sometimes customers have simple or common questions with answers they can’t find on your company website. To save them the time and effort of asking a representative, and to save your representatives the time of answering common questions over and over, manage knowledge into a FAQ section or a self-service function that saves everyone time and resources. You can also use knowledge in a way that allows you to be proactive about questions and issues customers might have in the future.

Tip: Don’t forget about Cayzu’s Quick Responses! These canned questions and answers will speed up the cycle time between you and your customers! 

If ideas are the foundation of a successful business, then proper knowledge management works to support and strengthen that foundation. Fortify the bones of your business with a steady diet of calcium sourced from a solid and shared well of information.

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The Trickle-Down Effect of Customer Service

The most powerful of empires require equally powerful rulers who are able to inspire and lead. While you may not seek to have a business empire, you can still model your company after this philosophy. It’s the leaders who truly make or break a company. Cayzu help desk wants to show you just how much influence management and senior leadership have over the customer service experience.

From the Root to the Fruit

Employees typically model their customer service behaviour and business approach after the founders. What this means is if the CEO doesn’t care much about customer experience, then the employees aren’t likely to either. Customer service reps are a bit like ducklings in that they imprint on the first thing they see when they’re born (or join a company) and learn from that subject. If managers and other company leaders put their focus and resources on areas other than customer service, employees are likely to do the same.

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CEOs of the world’s most successful and well-known companies were able to reach such great heights partially due to how much they’ve focused on constantly improving the capabilities of their helpdesk. These individuals realize that it’s the customers who have brought them their success and do everything they can to maintain their relationships.

Bad Publicity

Besides angering customers who are likely to take their business elsewhere, leaders who place a minimum of importance on customers are likely to find their names being tarnished on social media. Unsatisfied customers won’t hesitate to share a bad experience with family and friends online, and those individuals are likely to avoid that company in the future. Once bad reviews hit social media feeds, they may even draw the attention of the media, which can hurt a brand even more.

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While leaders are often positioned at the top, they actually act as the bedrock on top of which everything else is built. Without a solid customer service plan from leadership, a business is likely to collapse in on itself.

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6 Ways to Boost the Customer Service Capabilities of Your Small to Medium Business

As the owner of a small- to medium-sized business, it’s essential that you use every tool at your disposal to take proper care of your customers. While Cayzu is here to help you achieve that goal through dependable and innovate helpdesk technology, we also want to offer you six additional tips for further improving your customer service capabilities.

1. Quick and Timely Responses

Today’s customers expect quick replies from their friends when they text or email them, and ever faster replies from the companies they contact. It’s a good idea to have a customer service representative who deals exclusively with email correspondence, and you may even need someone outside of regular office hours.  (A customer self service portal will also help!)

2. Answer the Phone

An obvious suggestion, true, but nonetheless worth mentioning. Phones should be manned during your office hours, and calls should be answered within two rings. Have a small team? Set up an answering service.  (Have a smaller team? Instead offer online, live chat .  Tawk is free and integrates into Cayzu Help Desk)

3. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Whenever a mistake is made that you know is your fault, simply admit it. Not only do customers appreciate honesty, you save time from playing the blame game.

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4. Hear

Don’t just listen to what your customers are saying, hear what they’re saying. Let customers finish speaking or typing through your web site, and make sure you thoroughly understand the problem before developing a solution.

5. Manage Expectations

Rather than informing customers that a product will arrive in three days like it normally does, change it to five days. This gives you some cushioning in case something goes awry, and customers will be pleased with the early delivery if everything proceeds apace.

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6. Be Proactive With Problems

By keeping a close eye on your supply chain, you can head problems off at the pass before they have a chance to reach the customer. When issues are inevitable, inform the customer and start developing a solution immediately.

These are just a few things you can do to make it a delight for your customers to do business with your business. While you might have the capabilities of a small to medium business, you can have the customer service resources of a larger company.

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Enable Customer Self-Service So You Have More Time to Play Pokemon Go

As the market becomes more and more crowded with competing goods, consumer expectations for customer self-service are reaching new astronomical levels that no one could have ever expected. What’s worse, is that as the internet has enabled a truly global economy for even small businesses, consumers are demanding, reliable and comprehensive self-service that is available anytime and anywhere. And why wouldn’t they petition for this requirement? Especially when they have better things to do, like play Pokemon Go!

Here are 5 things you should consider when putting together a customer self-service plan:

Self-Service Is an Extension, Not a Substitute

Just like your customer support initiatives, your customer self-service model should act as an extra soldier in your business army, not a lone wolf agent. The way your new customer service function works should be in line with your current business philosophy and business goals. Customers should be able to use the function and immediately associate it with your brand. It’s all about the branding!

This is also true for the Pokemon named Mimikkyu. Mimikkyu whose true appearance is still unknown, wears a veil that resembles a Pikachu. No one knows exactly why Mimikkyu does this but he’s got the branding down pat as Pikachu is the most famous Pokemon of all!

Make it Simple

What’s the use of having customer self-service if it feels more like self-torture? (Kind of like having to train Wobbuffet, a difficult and at times temperamental Pokemon). Promote the use of your own self-service portal to your team and to yourself to ultimately gauge how intuitive, helpful and if it’s overall effective towards your overall customer experience goal.

Focus on Overall Security

There’s a chance customers will be entering sensitive personal and financial information while using your customer self-service portal. Make sure their info is secure and safely stored using the toughest SSL encryption.

If your Help Desk solution doesn’t include SSL’s for custom domains, I’d suggest protecting it with Pikachu, a short, chubby & electrifying Pokemon.

Offer Round-the-Clock Self-Service

One of the great things about self-service is that it can be used when one-on-one customer service either isn’t available, or isn’t preferred. This 24/7 access should also include times when your internal systems are down. @Pokemon, this is a tip for you as your game servers keep crashing under the immense load driven by your millions of fans (great problem to have).

Make it Multi-Channel /Multi-Platform

Just like Pokemon Go was released to both IOS & Android simultaneously, your customer self –service should be multi-channel and multi-platform ready! To better integrate customer self-service with the rest of your helpdesk capabilities, make sure it links with all of your other methods of customer communication, including email, social media and even different devices (PC, MAC, Mobile etc..). This goes a long way in saving time and resources, and it offers a more streamlined experience, which you, your customers and your customer service representatives are sure to enjoy. Should you discover any redundancies in your multi-channel strategy, resolve them as quickly as possible.

Self-service makes for a great addition to your customer service capabilities. Be sure to keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your customer self-service strategy and remember, if you’re looking for a self-service enabled help desk solution, check out Cayzu!

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5 Ways a Help Desk Helps You Help Them

Have you ever wondered why so many people are switching from email to a help desk solution? Here are 5 ways a cloud based help desk solution helps you help them (Your customers) .

1. Allow your customers and office workers work more efficiently

Allow your customers and office workers to submit their own issues faster, and get better responses from your IT Support team without having to chase them around the office or waiting on hold for countless hours.  This even works for remote or at home employees!

2. Multitask smarter, and go the distance

Help desk systems allow IT support agents to work on multiple cases, and still stay organized and focused. Email makes it harder for agents to track similar issues or deal with multiple problems.  Systems like Cayzu Help Desk let you create your own self service knowledge base and even use canned answers for common questions.

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3. One place for all IT requests

Most cloud based help desk systems include a user portal, where they can submit tickets, follow up on tickets or just view related troubleshooting articles. A user portal can also be a place to inform your customers of upcoming maintenance, important news, or any other information that might be important to your customers. This will reduce unnecessary help requests because you’re enabling them to help themselves!

4. Customize to meet your business needs

Not every business is the same, and trying to capture the right information for every issue is near impossible with email. A help desk allows you to create custom fields such as printer type, windows version, suite number, or even color preference. This allows you to capture the right information from the start, and avoid going back to the customer for these basic type of questions.

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5. Automated help desk tickets

As emails are pouring into your support email address, why analyze them manually. The best help desk ticket systems allow you to automatically assign, classify or re-route issues based on specific criteria. For example, you can send any sales related questions to the sales team and any support tickets to the support team. This will save your team countless hours organizing emails and prioritizing them and give them more time to focus on what is important, getting back to your customers.

You might be asking yourself, is a help desk right for me?

A help desk is designed to make life easier and allows you to work on what is most important which is growing the business. For example, if you are in computer sales, why would you want to waste your time trying to organize your trouble tickets. Let us do that for you!  Cayzu Help Desk, the best choice for small & medium businesses!

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Is Your Hiring Personality Small Business Friendly?

The chances of you getting rich from working at a small business are slim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits. Being part of a small operation means that you’ll have a more personable experience. You’ll actually be part of the team instead of a random team member. Your input counts since you are a valued worker.

On the other hand, it is much harder to get hired on with a small business than it is to get hired with a big organization. This is due to a variety of reasons, including smaller businesses have smaller operating budgets, so they can be extremely picky about when and who to hire. Hiring can create a ripple effect that is felt all throughout a small business’ operations, so even if you have the best skills and experience on the planet, your chances of getting hired at a small business are slim. If you want to work for a small business, you need to focus on your personality. Here are several traits that small business and start-up owners look for when hiring.

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Passion – Your passions about work are extremely important to big and small businesses alike. Both types of organizations want employees who are dedicated to the company. In the small business world, if you are willing and able to live, eat, and sleep work, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your foot in the door and making a place for yourself.

Adaptability – Many start-ups and small businesses have dynamic working environments. There are always changes being made to processes to make the organization as a whole more efficient and fine-tuned. You must be able to work in a variety of roles and wear many different hats in order to keep up with the pace and demands of working for a smaller less established company. You should also be well versed in working with a variety of customer service software and able to act as a help desk professional occasionally.

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Confidence – Confidence is a vital skill in the small business world. It shows the ability to remain calm and in charge in the face of uncertainty. Small businesses tend to experience ebbs and flows in their daily operations. Individuals who are good at operating well under pressure are best suited to survive and excel in the industry.

Opportunist – If you are someone who recognizes opportunity when it comes knocking, you can be an asset to a small business. Many owners need people who can spot opportunities for growth and act in the best interest of the organization to take advantage of them. Being able to make decisions about cloud help desk providers, buyers, and other technologies to facilitate business growth is a plus.

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Self Sufficient Worker – It is much harder to slack off in a small company than it is in a larger organization. If you can’t stay motivated to work hard and perform every aspect of your job to the fullest capacity every day, then your position at a small organization may not last very long. You must be willing to work hard and for long hours in order to succeed at a small business.

When filling out your application for a small business, make sure you tailor it so that it reflects how you can be an asset to that company. Your application should make it clear that you are the missing link that is needed to take that organization to the next level and beyond.

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Useful Ways Small Business Owners Can Use Social Media to Create Leads

Small business owners have more useful tools than ever when it comes to reaching members of their target audience, and Cayzu’s cloud help desk is just one of those resources. Professional uses for social media are plentiful, but small business owners will want to tighten their focus on a few methods in particular if they hope to generate useful leads and drum up more customers and conversions.

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Target Your Audience With Laser Focus

Once you’ve identified your target audience, determine which segment is likely to be the most interested in the current services or products you’re featuring or plan on featuring in the near future. This helps improve the chances of your audience members finding your products or services to be of current relevance and value rather than something they could’ve used in the past but no longer do.

Harness the Power of Analytics

To help you with the above tip, use analytics to aid you in finding potential customers who have need of your services or products. When you do reach out to those individuals, you can also use analytics to see how well they respond to your efforts in order that you can refine your approach, if necessary.

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Create Ambassadors to Your Brand

As you’re seeking out new customers, make sure you use your current satisfied customers to act as ambassadors to your brand. While you can have the best marketing and advertising campaign in your sector, nothing beats word-of-mouth from real, unpaid people who have given your business a go.

Seek Out Industry Influencers

Besides ambassadors of your brand, there also exist influencers in your industry. These individuals carry great influence in businesses large and small in your sector. If you can find one of the influencers, you’re sure to catch the eye of other businesses and potential customers as well. Another great thing about getting influencers in your corner is that it can save you on the amount of effort, money and time you have to put into marketing your business.

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Make Communication Personal

Use personalized messages to interact with your customers rather than resort to spam or “blanket responses” that could apply to anyone. Your customers will like this approach better, and it can go a long way in fostering a sense of trust with them.

Contour Your Content

Whatever content you share on your social media channels, make sure it’s perfect for that social media outlet. For instance, Twitter is a great place to whet your audience’s appetite and use links that take them to full content. Facebook can be used for special deals, and Instagram is the optimum choice for sharing images and embedding links. Always ask yourself which of your profiles would work best for the specific content you’re looking to share or the overall results you desire.

Social media can be confusing at times, and trends can come and go in the course of a single business day. By utilizing these tips and depending on a reputable helpdesk, your small business is sure to start achieving the type of social media results normally only seen by larger businesses.

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