Get The Strongest Encryption Ever With Cayzu – Now Includes 256-Bit SSL encryption

Out of the gate, Cayzu Help Desk offers a wildcard SSL cert for all users that utilize a end-user customer portal on a domain (example:  This is valid for all Cayzu Help Desk plans as long as you continue to use the default Cayzu company URL that you used at sign up (example:  This is great news for customers that don’t mind using a subdomain of Cayzu to provide support but not great for users that want to encrypt their own domain (example: ).  Don’t worry, we know have a solution!

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Introducing SSL’s for custom domains!  Cayzu Help desk now allows you to fully encrypt all communication from your end-user portal even if you are using your own custom domain!  Cayzu uses TLS 1.2 & 256bit encryption instead of TLS 1.1 & 128bit for maximum security.   And the best part is that one free SSL certificate is included in our PLUS  & FREEDOM plans at no extra cost to you! Simply reach out to to get your SSL cert enabled.


Did you know: *SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

May the 4th (force) of security be with you! Cayzu the secure help desk solution.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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Is Your Hiring Personality Small Business Friendly?

The chances of you getting rich from working at a small business are slim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits. Being part of a small operation means that you’ll have a more personable experience. You’ll actually be part of the team instead of a random team member. Your input counts since you are a valued worker.

On the other hand, it is much harder to get hired on with a small business than it is to get hired with a big organization. This is due to a variety of reasons, including smaller businesses have smaller operating budgets, so they can be extremely picky about when and who to hire. Hiring can create a ripple effect that is felt all throughout a small business’ operations, so even if you have the best skills and experience on the planet, your chances of getting hired at a small business are slim. If you want to work for a small business, you need to focus on your personality. Here are several traits that small business and start-up owners look for when hiring.

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Passion – Your passions about work are extremely important to big and small businesses alike. Both types of organizations want employees who are dedicated to the company. In the small business world, if you are willing and able to live, eat, and sleep work, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your foot in the door and making a place for yourself.

Adaptability – Many start-ups and small businesses have dynamic working environments. There are always changes being made to processes to make the organization as a whole more efficient and fine-tuned. You must be able to work in a variety of roles and wear many different hats in order to keep up with the pace and demands of working for a smaller less established company. You should also be well versed in working with a variety of customer service software and able to act as a help desk professional occasionally.

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Confidence – Confidence is a vital skill in the small business world. It shows the ability to remain calm and in charge in the face of uncertainty. Small businesses tend to experience ebbs and flows in their daily operations. Individuals who are good at operating well under pressure are best suited to survive and excel in the industry.

Opportunist – If you are someone who recognizes opportunity when it comes knocking, you can be an asset to a small business. Many owners need people who can spot opportunities for growth and act in the best interest of the organization to take advantage of them. Being able to make decisions about cloud help desk providers, buyers, and other technologies to facilitate business growth is a plus.

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Self Sufficient Worker – It is much harder to slack off in a small company than it is in a larger organization. If you can’t stay motivated to work hard and perform every aspect of your job to the fullest capacity every day, then your position at a small organization may not last very long. You must be willing to work hard and for long hours in order to succeed at a small business.

When filling out your application for a small business, make sure you tailor it so that it reflects how you can be an asset to that company. Your application should make it clear that you are the missing link that is needed to take that organization to the next level and beyond.

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Asset Management and 7 Other New Cayzu Help Desk Features!

The Cayzu Help Desk team is pleased to announce its latest software update which is packed with a great features including Asset Management!

Here’s what’s been released:

  • Asset Management
  • Assets Management Report
  • Mobile Enhancements for the End-User Customer Portal (Fully Responsive)
  • Performance Improvement for the Main Ticket Grid/Tickets
  • Ability to Load the End-User Customer Portal in an iframe
  • Ability to Create a Label for a Custom Field (No input)
  • Ability to Change the Heading Text for Forms.
  • Adding Support for the Danish Language
  • & More


Asset Management: Cayzu’s Asset Management allows you to create your own custom asset categories and custom fields which are then linked to either a contact or company.  Need to track car parts, computers, books or anything else? Not a problem, Cayzu Help Desk now allows you to do so.

Cayzu's New Asset Management

Cayzu’s New Asset Management


Want to know how to use our newly released Asset Management? See this FAQ


Assets Management Report: On top of being able to track your assets and categories, Cayzu Help Desk will also allow you to report on them as well by providing you an easy to export Asset Management report in excel.

Asset Management Report

Asset Management Report


Mobile Enhancements for the End User Portal (Fully Responsive): With the end-user customer portal becoming fully responsive, your customers can now more easily navigate, post and view past activity using their mobile devices.

Cayzu's End-User Customer Portal is Now Fully Responsive

Cayzu’s End-User Portal is Now Fully Responsive


Performance Improvement for the Main Ticket Grid/Tickets: Through extensive optimizations both the main ticket grid load time as well as individual ticket replies are over 50% faster to load.


Ability to Load the End-User Customer Portal in an iframe: Looking to integrate the end-user customer portal into your own web site? Cayzu Help Desk now supports integration of our end-user customer portal into an iframe.

Multi Language - Cayzu Help Desk

Multi Language – Cayzu Help Desk


Ability to Create a Label for a Custom Field (No Input): Have a custom field in a support ticket form that you feel would be more beneficial to your customers by adding more description to it? Not a problem, you can now add a text label above or below the field.

Custom fields - labels

Custom fields – labels


Ability to Change the Heading Text for Forms: Already utilizing a custom form on your Cayzu’s end-user customer portal to make it easier for your customers to get help? Well they now got better! You can now add a description above your custom forms to better explain anything that you want to explain to your customers :)-

Add a description to your custom forms

Add a description to your custom forms


Adding Support for the Chinese Language:  You customers can now view and correspond in the end-user customer portal using the Chinese language.

Ability to set multiple languages

Ability to set multiple languages


Want to see it in action? Watch our 90 second live demo here :  Cayzu Demo on Youtube

Get started today! Cayzu Help Desk is easy to get started with.  Just sign up for our no obligation, no credit card trial at .

We look forward to your feedback as you use Cayzu Help Desk!

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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Lessons Small Business Owners Can Learn From the Mistakes of Others

Every business expert started as a novice, and every ruling enterprise business began as a smaller company that many people may not have known much about. Here at Cayzu, we not only want to help your business grow by offering a dependable cloud help desk, we also want to offer you dependable advice from business champions. Take note of a few ways you can give your small business big business potential.

Print Marketing Isn’t Dead

Even though everything has gone digital, print media is still relevant, which means that print marketing is still relevant. While you’re tackling your social media marketing and advertising campaign, divert some of your marketing time and resources to local publications. Know that newspapers and magazines might be more willing to give you a good deal than online publications.

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Use Social Media

No matter how long you’ve been immersed in the world of social media, there’s always something to learn. In regards to using social media for business purposes, you’ll want to make sure you go where your audience is, which is where you’re likely to be the most appreciated. Even though you might have a thousand social media followers or subscribers, how many of them will actually read anything coming from your business feed rather than scroll or click right past it or downright ignore it?

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To Free, or Not to Free?

While offering your product or service for free is a great way to pique consumer interest, it may not be the best way to keep it. Realize that everyone loves free items and services, but not everyone will give those items and services the value they deserve. As you’re offering samples of your wares, work on building a sustainable community, one where people aren’t afraid or hesitant to pay for what you bring to the table.

Going Outside of the Box and Your Means

You could already be aware of your limits as a business owner and are thinking about outside marketing help. It’s possible you can have marketers reaching out to you, if you play your cards right. Specifically, figure out where your products are in the highest demand and what you should charge for them. You can also contact bloggers and influential individuals in your industry to see if they would be interested in writing about or advocating your products or services. Now you’ve got the outside marketing you wanted and might be able to get a better deal than you would had you done the approaching.

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Not-So-Ill-Gotten Gains

Have you been thinking about paid advertising? Before you look to see if you have room for it in your budget, it’s best that you first do everything you can to make your website its absolute best and work on your SEO strategy. Oftentimes, paid advertising offers little in the way of results and much in the way of expense, expense that is better spent elsewhere.

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So there you have it. Take seeds from business experts to plant your empire, and be sure you don’t neglect the power of your helpdesk in the process.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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How to Avoid Customer Service Chaos

It’s a well-known fact that humans disappoint each other all of the time. Sometimes it’s done intentionally, others time it’s not. No matter the situation or event in which the disappointment occurs, it all boils down to one’s expectations. It’s pretty hard for anyone to feel disappointed unless they had expectations to begin with. I have expectations about most things, including how well received this information is going to be. One thing I’ve learned about expectations in the world of customer service is if you don’t go above and beyond to please the customer, they are going to be disappointed. Here are some things you can do to keep your customers happy.

1. Stop Pitching Unrealistic Expectations
It’s so easy for you to promise your customers things in hopes of earning their business and loyalty. But if you’re not careful, the very things you promise your customers may turn them away. For example, if you’re advertising a new vehicle and you highlight how fun and easy it is to drive on the road, your customers are going to purchase that same vehicle with the hopes of simplifying their commute. Once they’ve had the vehicle for a few days and realize that nothing has changed, they are bound to feel a bit disappointed. One key thing to remember when advertising and marketing to customers is they want to believe, so make sure what you deliver is realistic.

2. Lack of Communication
No one really likes to be left in the dark and uninformed about anything, especially customers. Just think about how you feel when you don’t know what is going to happen from one moment to the next. Your imagination starts to fill in the blanks and the next thing you know is you’re automatically assuming the worst. When businesses fail to communicate with their customers, they end up disappointing them. Even if the message is something that makes your business look inefficient, such as late or slow shipment times or not knowing what is causing a hold up; letting customers know what is going on keeps them happy and informed.

3. Brushing Off Complaints
All too often politicians and leaders brush off the complaints of one in favor of addressing the complaints of many. While this may seem to be a good way to cater to the masses, it can cause some customers to feel ignored and left out. This can be a dangerous game to play because everyone’s input is vitally important. Complaints can help you to identify areas where a product or service is lacking so improvements can be made. Small and individualized complaints may also be a sign of a potential issues that can be resolved before they can become they bigger and more mainstream ones. Start making time to hear out complaints and resolve them. This helps to lift customer expectations so they won’t expect poor customer service from your business.

Many businesses don’t realize that it doesn’t take much for them to make customers happy. Investing in a good customer service software, cloud help desk, or improving how your company’s in-house helpdesk functions can help to turn the tide on customer interactions with your company. Set realistic expectations, increase communication, and listen to your customers are also ways to improve the customer service experience.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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Why Cybercriminals Are Becoming More Customer Service Oriented

Ransom-ware and cyber security theft is on the rise. In just the last few years alone, there has been a significant increase in the amount of cyber crime going on that many big name companies are finding themselves vulnerable. In an effort to fight back to prevent these security breaches from happening, corporations are stepping up and spending more time focusing on how to better protect their customers. Surprisingly, one major side effect of ransom-ware and cyber crime today is scammers are coming up with ways to improve service to the victims to increase the chances of them falling for the scams.

Scammers Want Your Trust
Security experts continue to urge victims to not pay up to prevent the spread of the threat. Even victims that do pay up have no way of knowing if the scammer is going to follow through on their promise to release the victim’s data back to them. Many scammers are starting to realize that victims are not very incentivized to pay any ransoms for their information. So they are going above and beyond to encourage their victims to trust them. Some cyber criminals are offering more payment options to protect their victims’ “privacy” and to ensure that transactions can’t be traced back to them. For example, the bitcoin is now a payment option. The problem with the bitcoin is its value fluctuates constantly.

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Scammers Want You to Believe They Are Compassionate
Other online criminals understand that some of their victims are not very technology literate and have devised ways to get them to pay up, such as providing highly detailed instructions on how to use the biotin service. One victim had the CryptoWall ransom-ware hijack her computer, and was instructed to pay $500 in bitcoins by a certain deadline or the fee would increase to $1,000 before she would receive the decryption key to get her information back. Even though she purchased $500 in bitcoin to deposit, when the deposit cleared, she was still $25 short thanks to a drop in the bitcoins value. The ransom was raised to $1,000. She informed and showed proof to the scammer of what happened and they provided her with the decryption key without her having to pay the extra $500.

Scammers Provide Good Customer Service
Some cyber crooks are taking things further. To help instil trust in their victims, they released a new ransom-ware, OphionLocker. This ransom-ware contains device information on their past victims so they can avoid targeting the same individuals again. Scammers are very focused on treating their victims like customers because they realize how valuable customer service is. It is much better for them to follow up on their promise of restoring information or access to increase the amount of people who will pay, than it is for them to take the money and deliver nothing.

It is not too far fetched to believe that as the faces of cyber scams and ransom-ware continue to evolve that soon there will be customer service software in the form of helpdesk and cloud help desk support for victims that are technology challenged to further instil trust and increase the chances of payment.

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5 Ways to Transform Your Company’s Customer Service

If you are pondering what level of quality your organization’s customer service should be at, perhaps this blog can be of value to you. According to a 2014 mystery shopping survey done by the E-Tailing Group, there are at least five key things you should aim for to improve how your business functions and delivers services to its customers.

1. Self-Service

Are your customers able to perform services by themselves on your websites or do they need to contact your company to get things done? Is the information they need easy to find, read, and understand? Or is it hard to find and follow? Your websites should have a FAQ section and it should be searchable. Customers don’t want to spend a great deal of time on any website searching for information. Any self-service interaction they have should allow them to navigate effortlessly to find what they want right away.

2. Online Shopping

Is your website optimized for online shopping? If so, is the shopping cart easy to use, navigate, and edit? Does your site allow customers to store their information for future transactions? Any shopping experience consumers engage in on through your websites should be an easy experience, in which they can complete their transactions seamlessly. They should also be optimized for mobile commerce because many consumers prefer to shop using their mobile devices.


3. Shipping and Delivery

Are your shipping and delivery options convenient for your business or your customers?  Even though your business is providing services and goods to its customers, your customers are the reason your business is up and running. Customers expect to receive any goods and services they’ve purchased in a timely manner. The survey shows that the average time frame for delivery is 3.42 days. If your time-frame is considerably more than that, it’s time for you to figure out how to improve it so your business can live up to its customers’ expectations. You should provide shipping and delivery notifications to customers and make it easy for them to adjust or cancel orders if necessary.

4. Response and Complaint Resolution

When customers contact your company, how are their concerns, complaints, and needs handled? Are they addressed and resolved or do they go ignored? Does it take a long time for anyone to respond to their calls and emails? If your business is lacking in this department, it’s time for you to step up its game. Invest in better customer service software, incorporate a helpdesk, or if you don’t have the manpower, consider using a cloud help desk provider. The goal is to improve response time and the handling of all customer communications to provide better customer service.

5. Returns

Make sure your company has a universal and easy to understand return policy for any online and brick and mortar stores it has. By making it easy for customers to return defective or unwanted goods within a certain time-frame, you can improve the nature of their transactions, because it gives them more faith and reason to purchase from your organization.

By paying attention to these five factors, you can revolutionize the way your business operates and take customer service to another level.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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Why Investing In “Experience” Within the Customer Service Experience is Important

We live in a world that’s more automated and electronic than ever, and that’s especially true when it comes to advanced customer service software.  Technology makes it easy for us to forget what really matters, the customer experience.   Cayzu is here to remind you that even though many of your business’s tasks can be done electronically, you should still make sure you devote some of your financial resources to improving the customer’s experience with your company. Your customers are sure to thank you, and you’re sure to notice a positive change in your overall business structure.

The Findings

In a study conducted earlier this year, market research company J.D. Power found that personal service is essential in the hospitality industry. The research showed that customers had a more positive experience when they were able to interact with several members of the staff, and those findings were especially true when they interacted with staff members from different departments. While your helpdesk is essential to making sure your customers get the assistance and service they need, make sure you don’t forget that some customers may want to speak with other departments in order to be fully satisfied.

Expedite the Process

Take a lesson from Jiffy Lube. If your business requires an abundance of paperwork, or if customers have to fill in the same information each time they order something from you, store their information in a database so that you have quick access to it and make it so that the information is already filled in when customers start a new order. Make sure your customers know you’ll be storing their information, especially if it’s sensitive financial or personal information, and give them the choice of opting out if they’d rather not have their information stored. With all of the hacks that have been going on, some customers may not like having the possibility of their credit card information being compromised.

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Streamline Transactional Processes and Items

Depending on your market, your customers may be more accustomed to electronic receipts, product boxes that don’t have instruction manuals and possibly even physical stores that don’t have registers. Find out what your audience expects to see and how they expect to perform a transaction. For instance, paying by phone is rising in popularity, and customers may expect to have the option of paying through an app rather than handing their card over. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your customers as well as your employees to find out how you can best streamline the transaction process and the way in which you package your products.

Don’t Forget the Emotional Element

Younger customers are more accustomed to interacting with technology every day of their lives, but they can still find value in face-to-face interactions and the emotional element of the shopping experience. If a large part of your customer base is young and technologically savvy, don’t forget to appeal to their emotions. Remember, every investment starts in the heart, not the wallet.

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Just as Cayzu wants to improve your cloud help desk, we also want to improve as many other facets of your business as possible. While customer service is a great place to start, take the momentum you gain and spread it across the rest of your business. Take some time to enhance your customers’ experience and you’re sure to enhance your business experience at the same time.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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Cayzu Help Desk Earns The 2015 Rising Star Award from FinancesOnline Review Site!

Cayzu Help Desk was recently reviewed by FinancesOnline — a website that lists and discusses various accounting, CRM, and B2B software services in an effort to supply business owners with information so that they can make the right decisions for their businesses. Their reviews help decision makers going through the rigurous process of finding the right software tools for their companies.

After an in-depth analysis of Cayzu’s robust and unique features, FinancesOnline awarded us with the 2015 Rising Star Award based on the value they saw in our solution:

Thanks again, FinancesOnline! Our whole team is very honored to receive this award!

You can click here to read the full review on FinancesOnline.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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Starting a Small Business? Here Are 7 Tips to Get You Rocking!

A lot of people have thought about starting a small business at one point or another, but unfortunately most of them aren’t quite sure where to begin. This is especially true for those who have no previous entrepreneurial experience. If you’ve got a great idea, though, and the passion to see it through, then here are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Do Your Homework

When you start a business, your first priority should be to research the industry, so that you can make every step after that easier. Familiarize yourself with your product, competitors, and potential clients. Make sure that any assumptions you make are valid, that there is a market for your idea, and that you’re truly offering an innovative solution. One good step is to look at established companies in your industry and figure out what they’re doing right.

Build a Plan

Next, you should start creating a business plan. Set long and short term goals, come up with ways to keep track of them, and write out your strategy to accomplish them. Ideally, you should have a goal for what the first three years or so of operation will look like. A business plan helps you to see the whole picture and ensures that you have the direction needed to move forward.

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Make Community Connections

You should make an effort to be in touch with your community. Not only will this help create loyal customers who want to help you succeed, it’s also a good way to generate contacts that can help your business grow. Plus, good PR is always a bonus. Get involved with business and commerce groups, non-profits, and other helpful institutions.

Make Corporate Connections

You might be familiar with the importance of networking in the beginning, but it’s very important not to stop. By creating new contacts inside your industry, you can more easily find providers, distributors, and other helpful contacts; by talking with people outside of your industry you can get a fresh perspective and even unexpected clients.

Manage Your Time

Time management is one of the single most important skills that an entrepreneur can learn. Although clichéd, the phrase “time is money” almost always holds true. Figure out how to manage your time efficiently and make your downtime productive. Don’t procrastinate, don’t waste downtime, and don’t let your personal life overtake your business (or vice versa!).

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Think About Financing

Don’t rely too much on external financing. Although it can be helpful later on, building a business plan off of it when you’re starting out is a recipe for disaster. Many institutions will not support a new business from day one. Consider what personal resources you have—credit cards, personal savings, small loans, or friends and family who would be willing to lend their support. Create a good track record and then use it to get outside investment later.

Respect Your Clients

Finally, be sure to treat your customers right. Without their support, your business is sure to fail. One major advantage of a small business is that you can give your customer service a personal touch, but it can be difficult to manage their concerns without an effective helpdesk solution. Cloud help desk customer service software like Cayzu is a great way to help ensure that customers come to and stay with your business. With some careful planning, your great idea can get off the ground.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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