The Best of Cayzu Help Desk’s #HappyCustomers Blog (Part 2)

To celebrate our upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, the team here at Cayzu Help Desk thought it would be fun to create a second recap of some of our past favorite blog posts (See our first recap here). These blogs will surely put some love back into your customer service.  Enjoy!

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And last but not least…

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How my Mechanic Taught me About the Great Cost of Awesome Customer Service

Customer service basics are virtually free. Ask employees to be polite to customers when providing telephone support, even if customers are not in the most rational state. Make it a requirement for small business employees to provide service with a smile. It’s not a big deal unless it’s done wrong. I’ve seen numerous customers bail after a single bad experience with a rude employee. However, awesome customer service can cost a company hundreds of dollars.

I would suggest you ask yourself a simple question before always adhering to strict policies.

Is it worth more to offer a refund when it’s the right thing to do or not and risk the customer spreading the bad word through social media?

Empower your employees with more than help desk software for customer support. Allow your employees to make decisions that bend the rules simply because it’s the right thing to do.

How to Address Customer Support Challenges in Difficult Industries

The service industry is notoriously challenging for customer service representatives. Often, businesses with tight margins want employees to stick to the protocol, no matter what. Death? Who cares. You need to pay the cancellation fee. Terminal illness? It happens all the time, take a number. Flat tire before the road trip of a lifetime? That will cost $600 and take seven hours.

Promoting empathy and honesty among employees is an integral step to providing great customer support, even though it can cost hundreds. The right online custom support software is only one cost associated with turning a small business into a thriving brand.

My Personal Battle With the Local Automotive Repair Industry

Just to clear a few things up, I’m not a gearhead, but I know when something is broken. I also have access to the Internet and a healthy dose of common sense. After seemingly endless arguments over unnecessary repairs and unresponsive mechanics at the dealership, I lost it. I took my car to a local mechanic with an average reputation.

The mechanic called later that day with a laundry list of minor repairs. I gave the thumbs up, and we made arrangements for the pickup that evening. I got another phone call a few hours later and cringed when I saw the number. He reported that he had forgotten to mention a $160 repair, and he would happily complete it for free. Additionally, he would stay late to ensure that everything was done properly.

Needless to say, he gained my trust, my respect, and my business for life.

Doing the Right Thing Turns Irate Customers Into Customers for Life

Every customer request is not reasonable. When there is a blizzard and a standby list of 45 passengers, getting on the next plane out might not happen. Similarly, I still had to pay for a new radiator cap, an oil change, and a new air filter, which I was happy to do.

Empower employees to determine when something is simply the right thing to do. Bump a customer in a unique jamb up in line, and resist the urge to interrogate customers that request a discount on travel expenses due to a death in the family. Follow the golden rule, and turn first-time customers into customers for life by spending a little extra on awesome customer service.

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The Importance of Empowering Your Customer Service Employees

As you’re growing your business, don’t forget to make sure that your employees are growing right along with it. Even though Cayzu specializes in streamlining your customer support system, we also want to do what we can to improve other aspects of your business, and your employees are a big part of that. While you may already be aware that empowering your customer service employees is an effective way of boosting your business and customer service strategies, you might not fully understand just how effective employee empowerment is.

Employee Satisfaction

The more capable your employees are, the more they’re likely to be satisfied with their job, which can go a long way in improving employee retention as well as customer service. Your employees will feel as though they are vital to the operation of your company and will feel more confident in their job duties. Not only are you sure to notice your employee’s new sense of pride, your customers will as well.

Employee Loyalty

If you take out the time to teach, empower and support your employees, they’re more likely to remain with you and your company longer than employees who don’t feel as empowered and appreciated. Something that you have to realize is that employees have several employers to choose from, but ultimately they decided to work with you. No matter why they decided to accept your job offer, let them know that you appreciate them and what they do for the company by giving back to them. Good employees bring in good business and are more likely to recommend other hard-working and qualified individuals who might be looking for a good job.

Employee Creativity

Whenever an employee’s main focus is on their pay check rather than their actual job, they’re more likely to only do the bare minimum and nothing else. This is a disservice both to your employees and to you. When your employees feel more accomplished and know that they are a valuable part of your company’s infrastructure, they’re more likely to bring a more creative spirit to their job and employ critical thinking. If you’re trying to find ways to improve on your products or services, turn to your employees. You never know how many great ideas for marketing, improving company worth and process revision might be simmering in the minds of your employees. This new found creativity takes some of the pressure off of your managers who find that their wells of creativity have run dry.

Better Decision Makers

We live in a world where it seems as though new technology crops up every week. You can bet that a majority of your customers are well-aware of these changes and may be expecting them to be implemented in your company. If your employees aren’t taught how to make decisions on their own or the value of making decisions on their own, then they might stumble when it comes to learning new technologies related to your business since they’re so used to their managers essentially feeding them information that they think employees need to know. With independence comes the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to change.

If you’re looking to empower your current customer help desk support system, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Cayzu.

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How I Improved Customer Service by Empowering Employees

“The vision is really about empowering workers, giving them all the information about what’s going on so they can do a lot more than they’ve done in the past.” –Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and the richest person in the world.

A Simple Case Study on Employee Empowerment

In my personal experience, customer support employees are usually so restricted that they hit a wall when an out of the norm problem is presented. In my past business, which I sold 3 years ago, there was one memorable instance when I outsourced some of my customer support functions to a third party. I would get dozens of emails from the third party’s customer service staff asking questions about what they were able to do.

  • Could they offer a refund?
  • Could they extend a line of credit?
  • Could they extend a trial?

It went on forever, and my customers were understandably upset by slow response times. This model for customer service was not scalable because of a single person—me.

I was acting as a bottle neck for the entire production. Instead of creating a lengthy manual for the hundreds of possible scenarios staff would run into, I simply empowered my team. I authorized every representative to solve any problem that cost less than $50 without having to ask for my permission. It was a simple solution that went a long way, and the results were spectacular.

Instead of being glued to my email to do damage control, I could respond to emails from happy customers that were pleased with quick turnaround times and effective solutions.

Why Customer Service Rep Is Considered One of the Worst Jobs

Customer service jobs are highly demanding and considered unattractive with high turnover rates. In large part, employees in the industry are not empowered to do more than read a script, read a knowledge base and ultimately ask what they might be able to do from someone else.

Managers Can Offer Solutions That Work

You need to be able to let go. It is important to recognize that employees will make mistakes, but that’s okay. In the big picture, employee empowerment coupled with an online custom support software like Cayzu can turn a disastrous undertaking into a successful endeavour. Employees need to have the knowledge, the authorization, and the resources (help desk software) to succeed. Let’s be honest. A really nice chat will only do so much for customers that have pressing problems.

Turning Customers Into Advocates

Refunds are not a waste of resources. It is important to remember how many businesses turn customers into brand advocates. Happy customers can recommend your businesses to three or four other people. However, angry customers can easily tell 10 people why they would never want to engage in any sort of transaction with your business again. Great customer support promotes turning customers into advocates instead of driving customers away.

A Scalable Model for Customer Support

Employee empowerment combined with the right online custom support software can help you scale your business. Take it from me, acting as a one man army who does it all causes nothing but a giant headache and an increased number of emails from angry customers. Clear out your inbox, and replace hate mail with fan mail by empowering your employees. After all, your customer support team works tirelessly to make things right so make things right for them by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

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