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The Number One Help Desk Customer Service Improvement

The helpdesk is the sole point of contact for users and is quickly becoming the face of IT. As customer service solutions become more involved, representatives have to keep up with the spectrum of procedures and technologies required to provide adequate support. This makes knowledge management critical because it improves service quality and it lowers the overall cost of support by enhancing productivity.

The number one helpdesk improvement as customer service consultants that we advise is to focus on speed in every area of your business. The speed your customers expect is accelerating and growing with the pace of technological development. For instance, some of the advancements that influence expectations include enhanced access to the Web, faster Internet speeds, the increase of tablets and smartphones, spontaneous search functions and always-on GPS.

There are more than 80 million millennial customers in the U.S. alone, and they place a premium on convenience and speed. However, they are just the most visible front. Customers of all ages expect speedier service, in part because successful brands have shown it’s feasible to speed up service without losing quality.

Compress Time to Gain a Competitive Edge

As with nearly everything these days, the service desk and the IT help desk are making their way to the cloud. The IT help desk is also emerging and service solutions are much more successful. To achieve that success, it is essential to take numerous factors into consideration when evaluating a variety of help desk solutions for your organization that will best compress time and increase quality.

The people, technologies and processes that support the cloud help desk are three critical components to any cloud help desk organization. Examining each of these areas and evaluating your business against expert recommendations and industry best practices will enable you to detect areas of opportunity for improvement. For instance, to increase the average speed of answer, focus on the following sectors:

• Customer satisfaction
• Meeting expectations
• Tightly integrated team
• Sustainable processes
• Remote management
• Reporting technology

This will encourage your team to begin to build a pathway toward maximizing the investment your company has already made. It will also improve the perception of satisfaction and value when it comes to your cloud help desk.

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Doing More With Less

Improvements in cloud help desk software enable customer service agents to enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) skills and customer support. Cloud-based solutions have several benefits, such as simple and inexpensive deployment for any industry. When things go wrong, the cloud help desk is the first line of support. Generally, users don’t care what resources or applications help desk customer support agents utilize, they just know that they need help. Also, they are unsympathetic to gaps in how much time that it takes the help desk to solve their issue. This is inspired in part by the desire for continual process improvement and by more demanding users.

Being responsive to the rapidly changing IT environment requires an alert team that’s willing to adopt new technologies and take calculated risks to better assist their customers. Best help desk practices include increasing speed and quality of cloud help desk support that provides a balance to keep customers satisfied.

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