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Useful Ways Small Business Owners Can Use Social Media to Create Leads

Small business owners have more useful tools than ever when it comes to reaching members of their target audience, and Cayzu’s cloud help desk is just one of those resources. Professional uses for social media are plentiful, but small business owners will want to tighten their focus on a few methods in particular if they hope to generate useful leads and drum up more customers and conversions.

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Target Your Audience With Laser Focus

Once you’ve identified your target audience, determine which segment is likely to be the most interested in the current services or products you’re featuring or plan on featuring in the near future. This helps improve the chances of your audience members finding your products or services to be of current relevance and value rather than something they could’ve used in the past but no longer do.

Harness the Power of Analytics

To help you with the above tip, use analytics to aid you in finding potential customers who have need of your services or products. When you do reach out to those individuals, you can also use analytics to see how well they respond to your efforts in order that you can refine your approach, if necessary.

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Create Ambassadors to Your Brand

As you’re seeking out new customers, make sure you use your current satisfied customers to act as ambassadors to your brand. While you can have the best marketing and advertising campaign in your sector, nothing beats word-of-mouth from real, unpaid people who have given your business a go.

Seek Out Industry Influencers

Besides ambassadors of your brand, there also exist influencers in your industry. These individuals carry great influence in businesses large and small in your sector. If you can find one of the influencers, you’re sure to catch the eye of other businesses and potential customers as well. Another great thing about getting influencers in your corner is that it can save you on the amount of effort, money and time you have to put into marketing your business.

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Make Communication Personal

Use personalized messages to interact with your customers rather than resort to spam or “blanket responses” that could apply to anyone. Your customers will like this approach better, and it can go a long way in fostering a sense of trust with them.

Contour Your Content

Whatever content you share on your social media channels, make sure it’s perfect for that social media outlet. For instance, Twitter is a great place to whet your audience’s appetite and use links that take them to full content. Facebook can be used for special deals, and Instagram is the optimum choice for sharing images and embedding links. Always ask yourself which of your profiles would work best for the specific content you’re looking to share or the overall results you desire.

Social media can be confusing at times, and trends can come and go in the course of a single business day. By utilizing these tips and depending on a reputable helpdesk, your small business is sure to start achieving the type of social media results normally only seen by larger businesses.

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