A Gmail (or Email) Alternative

If you are tired of trying to track down support tickets with your Gmail account, try a more robust approach with Cayzu Help Desk.
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Multiple User Logins

When you have a single email address for support, one of the largest disadvantages of Gmail is being forced to share a login with your coworkers. With our model, users are able to save their own individual preferences within their login, which creates a more efficient workflow for each person. Within each ticket, everyone’s actions are properly accounted for with our unique multiple-user interface.

The Ability to Assign Tickets

When you need to assign emails to team members, your only options in Gmail are to forward them on or create a label specifically for each user. With this complicated process, keeping track of individual tickets can be practically impossible, even when ticket volumes are low. With a Cayzu account, tracking tickets is easy. Within your email, click ‘Assign’ and choose an individual within the drop down menu to allocate them onto to your message. When this ticket becomes active for another user, they receive an email notification that keeps them informed about all activity on the assignment.

Adding Comments

If you need to collaborate with other users on a support request, Cayzu has you covered. Other agents are able to add comments and reply to threads within the ticket, and our superior privacy settings only allow allocated users to see them. Our interface arranges all comments chronologically, which simplifies discussions and highlights the most relevant content.

Searches Made Easy

If you feel like you are constantly typing the same email over and over again, we solve your problem by allowing users to save frequently typed replies as quick responses. With a single click, you can send your response and easily search for them again in the future. We also provide an additional interface to add, edit, or delete your quick responses, which keeps your listing clean and uncluttered.

Start Using Cayzu Today

In addition to providing an exceptional product, we are backed by some of the best customer support in the business. We love hearing from our customers, and when you send us an email, you will always receive a response from one of our helpful representatives. Make the switch today and start using a comprehensive Cayzu account for your customer support.