Multiple Mailboxes and Emails

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Manage Multiple Emails and Mailboxes Easily for Better Customer Service

Key business rule: Have more than one point of contact. Your customers want to easily reach you, and you want to manage all customer conversations so that no one gets lost, no matter how busy your support portal gets.
Different dedicated emails for various types of tickets are a popular option. You might have one for sales, another for quick bug reporting and one offering pure support. How well, though, will you be able to manage multiple email accounts if you are flooded with help requests? If someone gets overlooked, you’ve not only let a customer down, but you’ve also made a new enemy.

Cayzu can help you manage your messages. Use just one portal to establish multiple email accounts for incoming and outgoing messages. From one location, you can manage response times, automatically assign tickets and send out notifications. This way, everyone goes home happy.

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