Self-Service Knowledge Base Portals

Cayzu created knowledge bases allow for custom content and current near real-time analytical data.
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The Perks of a Cayzu Powered Knowledge Base

Those who truly pay attention to the information crossing their online support desks know the value of a well-functioning knowledge base. Oddly enough, though, not all knowledge bases are all that knowledgeable. As with any online tool, your knowledge base can fall victim to the “garbage in, garbage out” method of outputting. A small error in recalling data can spew a load of useless content for your customers, leaving them to question the knowledge behind your knowledge base.

Cayzu Help Desk Software understands this dilemma, and thus devotes extra time and care when creating a knowledge base for your help desk portal. We employ all of the most cutting-edge analytical technologies and resources into those knowledge bases that we build, ensuring that yours will not only provide your customers with the information that they’re looking for, but offer you valuable data with which you can improve your content.

Custom Content

Your Cayzu-created knowledge base will allow you to create custom content tailored satisfy the unique demands of both customers and agents. Here’s how:

That’s where Cayzu comes in. Cayzu helps you integrate Google Analytics with your help desk portal allowing you to clearly track those trends that indicate:

  • Agents: Agents wanting in-depth technical information often aren’t interested in your background or client testimonials. Cayzu allows for the creation of private content containing that information meant for their eyes only.
  • Customers: While your main pages are meant to draw customers in, eventually they’re going to want some product or service specs. Your 24/7 self-service Cayzu knowledge base allows you to create a wide array of articles detailing the many products or services that you support.

Valuable Analytical Data

Best of all, your Cayzu knowledge base employs tools such as Google Analytics, allowing you to monitor article usage and rankings to see which are the most effective. With Cayzu, you’re guaranteed that your knowledge base remains current and contemporary.