Answering Common Questions With a Quick Response

Save your agents time and improve efficiency with Cayzu’s Quick Responses template system.

No More Repetitive Typing – Quick Responses Provides a Better Way to Give Answers.

Support agents know better than anyone that common questions come up over and over again, even when a broad knowledge base is provided. These types of questions cause many problems, including worn out agents, wasted queries, and inconsistent responses. To make the process faster, which will benefit responders as well as askers, your agents should have access to templates with a pre-formatted reply to common questions. This ends up keeping them from wasting time typing in similar responses each time one of these questions pops up, and it also gives the inquirers an answer in a timelier manner.

Improve Efficiency With Quick Responses

Using such templates, called Quick Responses, can help your agents immensely, making them more efficient. With just one simple click, your agents can use the predetermined reply however many times the question arises. You can personalize the reply templates to your company’s needs. For instance, by utilizing Quick Responses the next time someone asks how to reset his or her password, your agent will be armed with the ability to offer a prompt and accurate answer in less than a second. This allows them to quickly move on to more pressing matters instead of getting caught up in answering routine questions.

Create your own pre-set responses by using the Cayzu help desk system. Support tickets can be answered in an instant with the use of Quick Responses.