Track Time Spent Supporting Customers

Cayzu’s integrated time tracking app allows your agents to manually or automatically track the time they spend working on a support ticket.

Time Tracking Made Easy

Few things are as frustrating as spending hours upon hours working on a support ticket that includes looking over log files, re-creating potential issues and troubleshooting those issues. The customer is often happy with the result of your hard work right until they receive the monthly status report. If the customer starts asking questions about the billing for their support, not only do you have to provide answers, you have to provide detailed answers to alleviate any issues that may exist.

Through the use of time trackers in Cayzu, the amount of time that is spent on a ticket is logged for you. You are also able to add notes to each ticket as you work, and you can even go so far as marking the time as billable. If a customer ever raises concerns over billing, all you need to do is reference the time tracking sheet to reinforce the information included in the status report.

Automatic Time Tracking

Cayzu provides built-in start and stop times, which allows you to keep your focus on your tasks while it tracks the time you spend working on that task. There is no longer any need to interrupt your work for the sake of tracking time.

Generate Time Logs Quickly and Easily

Instead of enlisting the help of an analyst, Cayzu enables you to generate time logs in a variety of ways. Whether you want a time log for a single client or several clients, you can quickly and easily access this information in order to compare time management or the amount of billable and non-billable work that is being completed among agents.