cloud hosted vs on premise helpdesk

Cloud or On Premise?

Explore the features of two popular deployment options.




Cayzu Help Desk is a hosted service. We run your helpdesk from within the secure Amazon Cloud data centers. We take care of all the backups, updates, maintenance, security monitoring, patches, bandwidth and storage costs.

We update your helpdesk frequently with performance improvements, bug fixes and new features without you having to lift a finger.


With an on-premise help desk, you would need to procure, maintain and set up your own infrastructure. You’ll also need server administration staff to be on hand in case there are any problems.

You would be responsible for all costs relating to your hardware including power, bandwidth and processing power.


With a cloud based help desk from Cayzu, setup takes seconds, and you can have your helpdesk setup and configured within 45 minutes or less.

Each help desk setup from Cayzu includes on-boarding/setup help, training and support at no extra cost.


An on-premise help desk will require you to not only download the installation files and install them, but also ensure that your servers meet the minimum requirements set out by the help desk vendor.

Who’s the target market?

A cloud-based help desk solution like Cayzu Help Desk is deployed by organizations of all sizes from 1 agent to hundreds. Having a fully hosted solution not only saves time for a small company that doesn’t have an IT staff but also saves for the large enterprise that doesn’t want to monitor and manage yet another server.


Larger organizations that have dedicated IT staff and more stringent control needs tend to adapt an on-premise help desk.

With an on-premise help desk, you will have full control of everything from setup, maintenance and even backups.

Updates & new features

With a cloud hosted help desk you don’t have to worry about the technical details about hosting or updating your own servers and databases. We will automatically update your help desk with new features and updates as they come available.


If you’re hosting your own server, you will be fully responsible with not only updating your help desk software but also your operating system as well as other firmware and updates.


We follow world class security protocols to keep you help desk data safe and confidential. You have full control of your agent’s permissions, views and allowed actions within your help desk. You can even enable a white list to allow both agents and/or customers to only be able to log in from trusted IP addresses.


With an on-premise help desk you’ll be able to fully control your security settings but you’ll also be responsible for keeping this up to date with the latest security protocols as they become available.


Cayzu Help Desk is fully hosted in the Amazon Cloud. All data is written to disk and automatically replicated in multiple locations.

Our core databases are also replicated across multiple locations by different providers. Our hosting team also runs through restore scenarios to ensure that in case of unlikely disaster your data will be safe.


If hosting on your own, backups will become another task that you need to worry about. And remember a backup is only as good as its restore so make sure that you are performing regular restore tests!

Getting started

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