Your Customers Expect Transparency

Provide clearly defined support expectations and control the manner in which service level agreements apply to your hours of operation.

Service Level Agreements Outline Expectations

When it comes to support requests, it is important that you do not keep your customers in the dark. There should be clearly outlined expectations with regard to the timeliness of a response and the length of time necessary to achieve a resolution. Through the use of Service Level Agreements, you can clearly define the expectations of your support team so that customers are aware of what they will experience after they submit a support request.

Cayzu utilizes industry best practices in allowing you to manage SLAs.

Taking Hours of Operation Into Account

SLA policies can quickly become ineffective if your hours of operation are not taken into account. SLA reports retrieved on a Monday morning are quite emblematic of this issue, though this is something that will not be a concern when working with Cayzu. You are in control of the business hours you put in and you can decide whether it is appropriate for your SLA timers to track calendar hours or business hours.

Holidays Free From Worry

It is not an uncommon occurrence to feel some level of anxiety over helpdesk tickets that are set to become overdue during a vacation or holiday. Through the use of the SLA policies set by Cayzu, holidays can also be accounted for, eliminating the possibility of an SLA violation on a ticket that was submitted during Christmas.