LogMeIn Rescue Integration

Tech support agents can now initiate a screen-sharing LogMeIn rescue session directly from a support ticket.

Utilize Cayzu’s LogMeIn to Help Solve Support Problems Faster

When a customer reaches out for tech support, it can be frustrating to try to visualize what he or she is looking at to determine the cause. If only you could see and interact with that user’s log files or retrace their steps to determine the source of the issue, you could identify and correct things so much faster—right? With Cayzu, you can do exactly that.

Utilizing the LogMeIn integration, you can start a LogMeIn Rescue screen-sharing session directly from a support ticket and see exactly what your customer is seeing. Being able to view and access your customer’s screen in real time gives them an extra layer of customer service and support. Show just much you care with this personalized attention without ever having to leave Cayzu.

Skip the Screenshots

As you probably already know, a screenshot can only give you so much information. You can begin correcting the issue immediately when utilizing Cayzu and LogMeIn together. While virtual in nature, the support provided is just as effective as if physically present with your customer.

Global Reach

Geographic location is no longer an issue when it comes to providing timely tech support. When you use LogMeIn Rescue, users from around the corner or across the world can connect to your agents and get their problems solved fast.

Simple Accessibility

Your agents do not need to set anything up to use Cayzu—they can log in from any remote computer to start a screen-sharing session.