Empower your customer service employees

4 Effective Ways to Empower Customer Service Employees

At Cayzu Helpdesk we believe that your employees are just as essential to your growth and success as your customers are, which means that your employees should have the tools and information that they need to feel confident in themselves as well as the job that they perform.  Take your business and employees to the next level by learning how to effectively empower them.

1. Open Up the Lines of Communication

Leaders should inform employees that they can get into direct contact with them at any time, and that goes for employees in all departments, not just those working in customer service. If employees have to jump through hoops and feel as though no one is listening to them, they’re less likely to truly give a hundred percent at their job or take any kind of initiative.   Even someone who just started a few days ago might have vital insight in how to make the customer support experience better and how to make your business run more efficiently. You may never learn of their brilliant ideas if employees don’t feel like they have any way of getting into direct contact with you, your managers or supervisors. When employees do make suggestions and offer their input, make sure that you thank them even if you don’t like the idea.

2. Reward Your Employees for Improvements

Just as you had a plan and a vision for your business, help your employees create the same for their careers and reward them for their efforts and improvements. Giving someone a raise and a promotion might seem like adequate motivation to get employees to improve, but sometimes employees simply don’t know what to do in their job capacity or they don’t have the resources they need to truly advance their careers. Consider setting aside time, money and resources towards personal development and management training. Helping your employees helps your company since they’ll be eager to put their newly learned skills to good use for your business.

3. Let Employees Know It’s Okay to Fail

 What sets an entrepreneur apart from an employee is that an entrepreneur is willing to take risks. If employees want to try something that won’t put the company in danger, give them the liberty to do so even if there’s a possibility of failure. Actually, you may want to allow them to try out something new if there’s a strong possibility that they’ll fail. This might seem cruel, but it will be a great learning experience for them and they’ll be less likely to seek out approval before making a move in the future. They might even surprise you by succeeding.

4. Make Sure Employees See What You See

 One of the reasons that your employees might act so nervous and uneasy may be because they don’t fully understand what it is that you’re asking them to do. Business leaders might have the perfect vision for their company, but unless they know how to properly share and describe that vision, it can get lost in translation.  Your employees should know the company’s core vision, goals and direction because it all starts at the roots. Otherwise they’ll more than likely waste time and possibly even valuable resources.

Now that you know how to help empower your employees, we encourage you to turn to Cayzu to empower your company’s customer support capabilities.


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