Major New Cayzu Help Desk Release

The Cayzu Help Desk team is excited to announce our latest feature release!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Totally new Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Ability to force time entry on tickets
  • Ability to integrate with Shopify
  • Ability to set tags on automation
  • Ability to set a ticket screen refresh frequency
  • Optimizations, bug fixes and other enhancements

Totally new Graphical User Interface (GUI):  

Visually MUCH more BEAUTIFUL: We’ve spent a lot more time focusing on the total look and consistency of the entire project.

Here you will see the updated Ticket Grid for agents:

Actions are now easier to use and apply: We’ve put all actions under a new Action menu found on the right side of each page:

We’ve made it easier to manage and answer your support tickets: We’ve spent a lot of time to make the single ticket page, when answering a user/customer, much more functional & easier to use by providing you easier access to the information you need!

  1. We’ve compartmentalized and added scroll bars to different parts of the page to make it easier to navigate and access the information you need.

2. We’ve made it easier to perform actions like “Adding time” or “Creating a Article from a ticket”

3. We’ve now added the ability for custom fields to follow the same order as your end-user forms while also allowing you to show/hide fields that were hidden to your users.

4. We’ve made it easier to give you access to your user’s information that submitted the ticket.

We’ve made the Administration of Cayzu even easier: We’ve converted the administrative section of Cayzu to be a pull out that allows you to stay on your current page before making a selection.

Managing your contacts, companies and agents just got better: We’ve organized these screens to give you easy access to all the information you need!

Ability to force time entry on tickets: We’ve now made it easier to force your agents to input time into their tickets before closing them with a new OPTION.

Ability to integrate with Shopify: You can now link tickets to your past orders in Shopify so you can easily access that extra details from their past orders right in your help desk.

Ability to set tags on automation:  You can now set TAGS on tickets through automation making it easier to stay organized.

Ability to set a ticket screen refresh frequency: We’ve now allowed you to set the time between automated refreshes of your main ticket grid making it easier to get back to your customers even quicker!

Get started today! Cayzu Help Desk is easy to get started with. Just sign up for our no obligation, no credit card trial at: .

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We look forward to your feedback as you use Cayzu Help Desk!

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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