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5 Hidden Reasons for Bad Customer Service

Most companies advertise that they have excellent customer service—but how many actually do? Nobody wants to make promises to their customers that can’t be delivered on, but in many cases the contact center can turn into an unintentional disaster zone. Despite your best intentions, any number of policies and decisions can end up negatively affecting your helpdesk service. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of bad service, and how you can go about fixing them.

Metric Obsession

To start with, don’t focus too much on the metrics. Numbers matter, of course, but short-sighted obsessions with them can end up hurting service. Although your numbers might improve, your customer satisfaction might not—for example, focusing on short handle times can hurt your first call resolution. For the customer, three short calls that don’t solve the problem aren’t as good as one longer one that resolves the issue, even though three short calls would make your handling times go down. There’s no single metric that will summarize the quality of your service delivery, but if you look at a number of different factors and consider quality over quantity, you can return your focus to the customer.

Bad Budgeting

Too many businesses view their customer service division as a budget drain, something that consumes expenses without adding revenue. But more successful companies know how important interactions with customers are. If you handle a support call well, then that creates a lasting memory that encourages the customer to purchase from you next time. They might even tell their friends. If you invest in the right call center solutions, such as cloud help desk technology, you can improve your efficiency and service without hurting your bottom line.

Low Morale

Your customer service agents are your greatest assets. They interact with consumers constantly, and with the right agents in place your service center will shine. If you have a poorly-assembled, service team, however, or low morale in the workplace, your customer interactions can also suffer. Show your appreciation for your employees, find new ways to motivate them, and invest in their work.

Poor Channel Management

Almost nine out of ten companies have adopted multi-channel approaches in order to keep up with customer demands, but if handled poorly then channel strategy can become one more way to let clients down. If you can’t effectively manage a channel, you probably shouldn’t be on it. Many consumers expect companies to be able to respond effectively no matter what channel they’re on, and inconveniencing them by forcing them to switch channels or start over is a quick way to lose their loyalty. Not every problem is solvable on every channel, but if you do need to switch over then don’t force the customer to start from square one.

Lack of Self-Service

Finally, be sure that you enable self-service for your customers. In many cases, customers are capable of resolving the issue themselves with a little bit of guidance. It saves them time on many smaller problems, and allows them to get issues resolved even if your team is not available 24/7. In addition, self-service can reduce call volume and thus wait times for those who have more complicated problems.

Keeping the customer in mind is essential when making decisions about the contact center. With a little mindfulness, these handy tips, and the help desk solutions offered here at Cayzu, customer service can be improved for both the consumer and your company.

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