5 Lessons the Easter Bunny Teaches Small Businesses About Customer Service

5 Lessons the Easter Bunny Teaches Small Businesses About Customer Service

Easter is just around the corner, but small businesses all over the country are hard at work making sure their customers are happy. Happy customers are the keystone of success for many businesses. Poor customer service can quickly bite you where it hurts most: your profits. The Easter Bunny has several valuable lessons about customer service that small businesses may benefit from learning.

1. Hiding Eggs Is Not Always a Good Idea

The Easter Bunny sneaks in and hides Easter eggs all over houses, yards, parks and other areas. While this might make for some good treasure-hunting fun, your customers will not appreciate going on a hunt to get answers about your business. You can’t hide your answers as a business. Having a well-developed knowledge base is a good start. With quality content from which to draw, your customers may be able to trust that you understand your business and can provide them with the goods and services they desire.

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2. Visiting in the Night Limits Availability

Have you ever caught a glimpse of the Easter Bunny? He only seems to visit in the middle of the night, much like Santa Claus. He’s not around when you’re awake. As a business, it’s important to be available when your customers are available. If most of your business happens at night, then you need to be available at night. If your customers are working from nine to five, that’s when you need to be available. Be available when your customers are around.

3. A Mysterious Myth

We know that the Easter Bunny sneaks around, leaves candy and hides eggs. What else? He’s mysterious and, according to some people, a myth. This is intriguing for a figure that leaves candy for children, but no one appreciates such mysteriousness in business. People want to speak to people. Don’t tiptoe around; be real and upfront with your customers. Mystery makes many customers feel uncomfortable, so be straight and open to be more inviting to your clients.

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4. Easter Comes Once a Year, but Your Business Is Every Day

Easter rolls around but once a year, which means there is only one night a year that the Easter Bunny comes out and does his work. Your customers need you more than once a year, however. In fact, your customers want you around whenever they feel like they need to call on you. Making yourself available whenever your customers need you is a great way to give your business a competitive edge.

5. Everyone Loves the Easter Bunny

Who doesn’t love the Easter Bunny? We’re not saying you should give baskets of chocolates and gifts to all of your customers; however, going above and beyond for them is likely to bring you the same type of love and loyalty.

We Can Help

Small businesses can learn a lot about customer service from the Easter Bunny. When you’re ready to start improving on service to your customers, contact Cayzu regarding knowledge base development and more.

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