6 Considerations for Businesses Choosing Between Cloud Help Desk and Onsite Solutions

Businesses in today’s world often struggle to choose between cloud help desk software and an onsite solution. There are so many options available that it makes many IT professionals overwhelmed and they simply choose what is familiar. Despite the familiarity of onsite solutions, there are plenty of benefits to use the cloud. If you have questions about the different helpdesk options for your business, consider these key factors.

1. Consistent Updates
and Licensing

One of the most frustrating aspects of onsite solutions is the fact that you are stuck with the product as-is until the next physical update finally comes around. With cloud-based systems, improvements come often and automatically. Most cloud help desk software is updated once a month.

Depending on the software, updates might come as often as once a week. The needs of your customers and the market are constantly changing. Utilizing cloud solutions helps you adjust to fluctuations and address new challenges.

2. Affordability

Onsite solutions come with high costs, especially upfront. Initial installation of equipment and software causes businesses to make choices that could limit their capabilities later on. It’s hard to scale back or enhance your utilities according to changes in the business. Cloud solutions give you affordable upfront costs with the ability to adapt by scaling back per user or making changes to your subscription.

3. Remote Accessibility

One of the key advantages of using a cloud help desk from Cayzu is the ability to access the software via your phone, tablet, or computer away from the office. Accessing your data and collaborating with team members can be accomplished any time, anywhere. Unlike onsite solutions, cloud software gives businesses convenience and accessibility to increase productivity and promote collaboration.

4. Maintenance Needs

Perhaps the biggest downfall of onsite solutions is the fact that computers and servers need consistent maintenance and break. The need for regular maintenance requires you to hire IT professionals as an ongoing expense. Cloud based software eliminates these frustrations and costs with consistent upgrades and fixes.

5. Separate Teams

If your company has employees that are dispersed in different cities, states, or countries, onsite help desks have serious limitations. The limitations are true for companies who have employees who travel frequently. Having your help desk hosted in the cloud allows for dispersed and traveling teams to keep working.

6. Effective Support

Using a cloud-based help desk allows you to improve efficiency with helpful tools such as automated emails, custom rules, and SLA rules. It also provides businesses with multiple products or brands with the ability to have multiple end-user portals. Businesses can communicate with customers via multiple channels to go above and beyond expectations.

Businesses can experience more efficiency, productivity, and collaboration after using cloud-based solutions. Onsite solutions can come with multiple limitations that hinder your business’s ability to thrive. Cloud-based solutions come with the convenience and accessibility that businesses need to stay relevant and address new problems. While some edge use businesses may still find uses for onsite solutions, cloud software has become a trusted solution to many of today’s business owners.

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