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6 Steps to Help You Recover From a Customer Service Mishap

Inevitably, you or one of your employees will have a mishap that can negatively impact the businesses relationship with clients. Though the incident may just be a misunderstanding, you need to be prepared with an action plan to deal with these situations. It is important to combine excellent customer service software with consistent step-by-step problem solving procedure. The following are a few steps to help you through customer service recovery.

1. Offer a Sincere Apology

The apology is the first step and one of the most important. Even if you operate a call center with employees working from a script, you do not want your apology to sound forced, scripted or insincere. As you work with customers, you might be following established guidelines and procedures, but make an effort to speak candidly and genuinely.

2. Review and Understand the Complaint

After asking for forgiveness, you need to make sure you are familiar with the specific details of the complaint so you can identify the core issue. Sometimes, customers will send in multiple tickets regarding the same problem. That is why Cayzu offers conversation consolidation so you can streamline your tickets into a more manageable form.

3. Fix the Issue

When you are working with a customer, you should try to resolve the issue in 20 minutes or less. However, your industry or the problem at hand may delay resolution for days or weeks. As a helpdesk professional, find the quickest possible solution without sacrificing quality. Remember, the customer is already upset at this point, so try to deliver the best customer service possible to retain the client.

4. Follow Up With the Client

Many systems can help you effectively follow up with clients and claims, but a cloud help desk allows customers to take a more active role in the process. They can log onto an accessible interface and track the progress of their ticket. Regardless, customer service professionals must make the effort to show the client that they are still concerned with the client’s satisfaction after the resolution.

5. Document the Incident

There are several reasons to document every customer service incident and complaint. With the right customer service software, you can analyze your complaints to see how long average tickets take, what are your businesses common problems and what trends are affecting your market. Furthermore, if a customer contacts you for support, you will have a full record of their relationship with your enterprise, which can help you work more effectively with the client.

6. Consistently Communicate With Your Team

The client is always right and sometimes, your employees will not appreciate you siding with a customer. As a customer service supervisor, make sure your workers know that empathizing, listening and understanding the client are keys to finding an effective resolution that will not alienate the consumer. Let them know apologizing to the customer does not necessarily indicate that their work is unsatisfactory. Repeat this message as necessary.

Finding a great customer service resolution can be stressful and it usually requires a game plan. Though, with the right attitude and customer service software, you can consistently formulate quality solutions to client complaints. Don’t neglect customer service recovery procedures as your company grows.

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