7 reasons why your customers hate you

7 Reasons Why Your Customers Hate You

Do your customers hate you? Chances are there are several that do without you even knowing it! As a profitable business, you’ve amassed a thriving customer base, sales are up and employees are happy. Suddenly, you begin to notice your company is trending #badcustomerservice on social media. Negative online reviews are pouring in, and you realize that your customers don’t really love you after all.

Don’t worry. There is still time to fix it. At Cayzu, great customer service is our forte, and we accomplish this by being real and honest with our help desk solution customers. If you’re worried about the future of your business, then read through our list of 7 reasons your customers hate you to ensure you’re earning their respect instead of losing it!. It might just make your customer base fall in love with you all over again.


  1. Not Responsive
    One of the most frustrating things for customers is trying to reach a live person to answer a question and receiving only automated voice machines. Messages aren’t returned, calls aren’t answered, and soon the customer is so frustrated they give up. Silence breeds disrespect. One of the best things you can offer your customers is your time.


  1. You’re Not Empathetic
    Just like your customers want your time, you want theirs. Be worthy of their time by providing a fast, efficient website and knowledge base that can solve most of their problems. In addition to the internet, utilize your live customer service support. Train the team to effectively answer questions and listen to the customer.


  1. You Made Promises You Can’t Keep
    Most companies thrive on making promises to the customer when trying to close a sale. These vary from offering the best service, lowest prices, etc. A customer is going to take notice when you stop keeping these promises. Strive to keep all of your agreements and profusely apologize to the customer when a vow has been broken.


  1. You Don’t Value Them
    While most businesses say that they value their customers, they often don’t show it. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you truly value your customer base:


  • How many times have you sincerely thanked them for their business?
  • How often do you check in with them?
  • How long (on average) do you make them wait for customer service support?


Never underestimate the value of a customer. It can quickly lead to hate from them and 500 of their closest friends on social media.

  1. You Treat Everyone Equally
    One of the biggest ways to lose the loyal support of your big spending customers is to treat them the same way you do a brand new customer. Don’t only provide discounts and sales for new customers. Give something to the loyal ones who have stuck around for years. Watch out for all your customers and provide exceptional service and support to everyone, not just the newbies.


  1. You Don’t Take Their Complaints Seriously
    Instead of shrugging off a complaint by your customers, work on it immediately. Take action to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This will help keep the customer happy, save you time and most importantly, save your reputation. Our help desk solution can help you stay on top of customer complaints and compliments by efficiently organizing everything; allowing you to stay on top of your customers feedback.


  1. Always Trying To Sell Something
    Your customers aren’t dumb. They sense when you are legitimately reaching out to them because you want to see how they are doing, or when you are simply trying to make a sales pitch. It’s frustrating when every interaction revolves around a sale. Instead, make regular contact with your customers regarding feedback and things you could improve upon and leave the selling for an appropriate time.


Throughout the years, every business will evolve and develop. Make sure yours remains deeply rooted in customer service and support. At Cayzu, we can help erase the hatred from your customer base. Our cloud based help desk solution will not only streamline your customer’s life and business, but it will also help you become a master at meeting their needs. Give us a call today at 800-410-1665 or email sales@cayzu.com to learn more about how we can help you.

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