After Hours Support & more – New @ Cayzu Help Desk

The Cayzu Help Desk team is excited to announce our latest feature release!

Here’s what’s included:

-After Hours Support
-Expanded SLA support
-New Export Options
-Ability to Set Ticket Urgency by Email
-Exposed New Email Templates
-Expanded Scheduled Reports
-Expanded CAPTCHA support
-Enhanced Search for End-User Portal
-Performance Optimizations
-Misc bug fixes and other optimizations

After Hours Support: We’ve added support for tickets that are received in your help desk outside of your regular business hours. This means that your users/customers will get a new customizable email template instructing them that they’ve reached you out of your regular business hours.

Expanded SLA Support: We’ve expanded SLA’s to include more available time periods including two and three weeks.

New Export Options: We’ve added more items that can be exported manually or via a schedule.

Ability to Set Ticket Urgency by Email: We’ve added more email integration by allowing the system to automatically read the “urgent” flag from popular email programs like Outlook and Gmail. Emails sent with the urgent flag will now be automatically marked as urgent in your help desk.

Exposed New Email Templates: You can now modify more email templates including the “Forward to 3rd party” template.

Expanded Scheduled Reports: We’ve added the ability to turn on/off scheduled reports, added the ability to run them on demand as well as added monthly and yearly options.

Expanded CAPTCHA Support: We’ve added CAPTCHA support to both portals that automatically turn off after 3 failed log in attempts.

Enhanced Search for End-User Portal: We’ve improved our search in the end-user portal making it easier for your users/customers to find what they are looking for.

Performance Optimizations: We’ve improved overall speed and reliability of the system through various optimizations.

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