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Ask These 5 Questions When Hiring Customer Support Specialists

Customers are the lifeblood of any company, as the revenue from repeat business is vital to survival. When it’s time to expand your team of customer-facing personnel, you should be careful to screen the people who will eventually represent your organization to the public and become your front line. While resumes and recommendations can help you make a decision, the interview process can be quite illuminating as you will get a feel for which personalities or traits are well suited for the role. Here are five questions you should ask when hiring customer support specialists.

How Do You Deal With a Customer With a Common Issue?

Any problem can be interesting the first time you hear about it, but it can grow tiresome when you’re hearing the same complaint dozens of times each day. Be sure to remember that the customer is probably new to the situation, and needs the same level of empathy that everyone else gets. If a potential hire doesn’t exhibit the appropriate level of compassion, it might not be a good fit.

Name a Bad Service Experience From Your Own Life

Everybody has a story that involves customer support specialists missing the mark, and you can learn a lot about a potential candidate from the response to this question. On a basic level, you’ll get a feel for what the interviewee regards as a bad interaction, but you can learn much more from this query:

  • The candidate’s ability to sense emotions during a discussion
  • How willing the interviewee is to compromise
  • The level of aggression your potential hire brings to an argument

What Did You Learn From This Incident?

A negative interaction can leave a bad taste in your mouth, but it also provides an opportunity to learn from the experience. You want employees who can tell when things are going south and take corrective action to provide an appropriate level of service. If your candidate has the ability to spot mistakes, he or she is much less likely to make them while working for your company.

As a Customer Support Specialists, How Quickly Can You Solve an Issue?

Your customers are already angry about their issue, and they want to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. If you have customer support specialists aren’t confident or take forever to find answers, it might inspire patrons to go with the competition the next time. It’s a fine line to walk, as you don’t want your people to sound like they’re rushing through a call, but you should put a premium on quick, decisive service.

How Do You Keep Your Customers Engaged?

You want people who know how to use customer service software or customer support software, but it takes more than that to provide a positive experience for callers. This interaction is taking place because one of your patrons isn’t happy with your company, and the representative has to do anything in his or her power to make sure the caller is satisfied before the end of the conversation. It could even be something as small as asking about the customer’s day or doing something else to provide a diversion from issue.

Your customer service representatives are the first line of interaction between your company and current or future clients. By asking these questions during the interview process, you’ll have a better chance of making a quality hire.

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