Your worst nightmare

Your Best Evangelists Are Customers Who Used to Hate You

We live in a fast-paced world, and we all make mistakes. The best way to handle them is first to admit that the problems exist. Then we have to figure out the best way to fix them. Businesses, just like people, also make mistakes. In fact, it is probably true that some of your most loyal customers have previously experienced problems. However, with the assistance of your help desk team, you’ve resolved their issues. Your customers’ commitment to your business returned, and now they can share their positive encounters. The same people who once had nothing positive to say will soon tell everyone they know that your company really cares.

With the growth of social media, your consumers can vent to the world about situations that leave them unsatisfied or upset. That can be devastating to your business if you are not aware of the complaint. Innovations, like cloud based help desk solutions work together to keep your response team organized and increase your customer service resolutions.

Consider The Best Advertising Tools

We all understand that happy customers are the ultimate marketing tools. When we are emotional, we vent, and social media provides the perfect stage. Nothing is more powerful than accolades from previously unhappy customers. A cloud based help desk solution offering multichannel solutions can zero-in on, flag, and respond to live chats, web self-service, emails, and social media mentions. There are numerous advantages to recapturing loyalty from your customers. For instance:

  • Did you know that customers are four times more likely to use a self-service system than they are to call a company and ask for help? By automating your help desk, you can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and streamline workflow processes with easy to use tools.
  • Simple automation builds customer rapport outside of support issues. You can assign keywords for the subject or description so that emails are automatically routed on a timely basis to the team member who handles the issues.
  • Real-time insights allow you to take immediate action to drive results. By creating custom rules that alert you when customers mention you on social media, you empower them to talk about your business frequently, both negatively and positively.


Focus on Resolving Problems

Every business has its share of issues. An essential component of keeping customers happy is reaching out to them when they have problems. When you invite private correspondence to resolve the complaint, you can regain a customer’s satisfaction. That is the fastest way to restore their confidence in your company.

Support and Retain Your Customers

Providing assistance even when you are not available is a fundamental component of high-quality customer service. Because cloud-based support systems work in any browser, they can reach you with their questions or problems, even with their mobile devices. With 24/7 self-service knowledge bases, your customers have the freedom to get help whenever they need it.

Using help desk support services such as those available at Cayzu provides you with the tools to embrace negative public feedback, invite private correspondence, and effectively resolve complaints. As humans, we all listen to each other, and nothing is more powerful than a positive comment offered by a satisfied customer on your site.

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