Advantages of a Hosted Help desk Solution

A Closer Look at the Advantages of a Hosted Help Desk Solution

Small businesses are run with a lot of passion but frequently lack the employee numbers that allow for specialized team members. This means that help desk support agents and other focused forms of customer service are set aside in favor of developing a strong standard of generalized customer interactions. At Cayzu we pride ourselves in providing awesome customer support and  believe in doing more with less.  We accomplish this by keeping our customer service workflow simple and organized  using our own help desk solution.

Hosted Help Desk Solution or Installed Software? 

Business owners that wish to improve their customer support services frequently choose between a packaged suite of help desk software that they then install in their own office or data center. Each solution has particular characteristics that suit the needs of different businesses. However, many business owners select the software option without taking a closer look at the advantages that a hosted, cloud based help desk solution actually provides.

  • No hardware or software requirements – Any computer program you choose to run will come with certain minimum hardware and software requirements. If your existing computer’s hardware, operating system, and installed software do not meet the standard of your selected helpdesk software, then you will be unable to use the program. Hosted solutions have no such requirements.
  • No obsolescence or out of date programs – The expensive, industry-leading software that you purchase this year may not be so cutting edge next year. Computer programs date quickly and unless you are prepared to upgrade in 2–4 years you run the risk of dealing with an obsolete program. Businesses that work with hosted solutions do not have to worry about any of these concerns.
  • No need for additional training or hiring – Hiring experienced help desk employees might be beyond your current financial means; additionally, your business may not require the services of such an employee on an ongoing basis. Our hosted help desk solution are priced very competitively and do not necessitate the hiring of any additional personnel.
  • No hassle and no worries – Setting up your own help desk system is a complex undertaking that requires a considerable amount of planning and constant troubleshooting to correct problems that arise as your system is rolled out. Hosted support services like Cayzu have already done all the hard work of planning and implementation. The system we offer our customers has been fine-tuned through countless hours of use and refinement (as some would call it “Eating our own dog food).

The Freedom to Do What You Do Best

One of the greatest advantages of choosing to use a cloud based online customer support software is that it will make you more efficient and give you and your employees  more time to focus on what you do best; grow your business.

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