Is the customer ever wrong?

Is the Customer Ever Wrong? Answer: It Doesn’t Matter!

Cayzu offers help desk software to streamline your customer service, but we also want to help you learn how to better take care of your customers even if you don’t use our software. While you’ve more than likely heard the adage that the customer is always right, what do you do when you feel without a shadow of doubt that the customer is wrong? Do you call them out on it, half blame them, run away or do you take the full blame?

Who’s the Boss?

No matter how far up the ladder you might be or how many bosses or managers you answer to, you have to remember that your “big boss” will always be the customer.  Without your customers and their financial support, there is a good chance that your business wouldn’t be here today. Just like you have to answer to your boss for your mistakes, the same rules apply to your customers.

There Is No Right or Wrong

Instead of focusing on whether or not the customer is right, your time will be better spent simply rectifying the situation. No matter if you have a large business or a small business, every single customer is essential to your overall success. Treat the customer with respect even when it’s obvious they are placing the blame where it doesn’t belong. Sometimes the customer simply wants someone to listen to them and doesn’t know how to go about it or express their grievances the right way. Don’t make them feel bad or unwanted because their communication skills aren’t great because you never know what type of day or problems that the person had to deal with prior to talking with you.  Maybe there was a death in their family, maybe their car broke down and they don’t have the cash to repair it, whatever it was, be the bigger person and show compassion.  You will be rewarded for it in the long run.

Should You Fire the Customer?

If you truly feel that a customer is wrong in their complaint and has been wrong before, then it may be time for you to let that customer go. Just like you have to let go of employees who don’t contribute to the success of your business, the same is true of unprofitable customers who seem to do more complaining than anything else. While you might feel uncomfortable letting customers go, sometimes it’s the only option that you have. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly and if you do decide to fire a customer, make sure to have documented reasons to do so because the last thing you want is a social media hell storm on your hands (Help desk software like Cayzu can help track customer history).

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Educate the Customer

When the customer is genuinely wrong, be open and honest and show them why they’re wrong in a tactful and professional manner that will help them rather than embarrass them. Your customer probably isn’t as familiar with your products and services as you are, which means that they probably aren’t as knowledgable about the full capabilities of your product or services as you are. Treat the customer with respect and view every complaint as a learning opportunity for the both of you. Remember how essential true customer support truly is for the success of your business.

Keep the Customer Around

Before you respond to a customer complaint, remember how powerful your customers are. Word of mouth is an effective marketing and advertising tool, but it’s a tool that can turn against you. Make sure that your customers have nothing but great things to say about how you treat them when they talk with friends and family. If you seem unwilling to help a customer who has a genuine complain, they won’t hesitate to tell others about their awful experience, which can keep you from expanding your customer base because when it comes down to it,  customer service is the new marketing!

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