Salesforce help desk “” is retiring – checkout our alternative!

There’s few online services that can help you manage customer interactions like a helpdesk service. Thousands of businesses have used for their services, until a recent announcement. With no longer taking customers, you need a new customer service tool. That’s where Cayzu can help. Discontinued

Salesforce has decided to end their cloud help desk service in place of a more streamlined, simple solution. However, it can be expensive and risky to jump onboard a new help desk. Since your company is already looking to learn a new system, it’s a great time to check out some other, popular alternatives. You’ll even find some innovative features that weren’t supported by

Alternative Help Desk Platform

At Cayzu, we have one of the easiest systems to learn. With plenty of built-in features, it’s simple to learn and easy to maximize your time. Here are just a few of the popular features we think you’ll love:

  • Multiple channel support: You could spend all day checking your email, website, socials, etc. Supporting multiple channels means combining all these communication technologies into a single, simple portal.
  • Automated emails: Sifting through emails to forward to the right coworker is an inefficient system. Save yourself the headache by using an automated system that can automatically sort bills, IT questions and other types of emails.
  • Back-office: Our back-office offers real-time reports and data to help you gather the analytics you need to improve your workflow.
  • Collaborate instantly: With our platform, you’ll never have to sit through a dull conference room meeting again. Keep your team on the same page remotely and efficiently.
  • Affordable price: Whether you’re looking to grow or already have a large team, we offer excellent prices for any size of team. The larger the team, the more of a discount you’ll receive. Don’t worry about onboarding costs, migration fees or any other hidden fees designed to trick you out of your money.
  • SLA rules included: Instantly rank tickets in terms of priority, and respond to urgent messages faster.

Our helpdesk has your small to medium sized business in mind. You’ll enjoy streamlined services for your users, and you can customize your own personal rules.

Once you choose our service, you can select from a number of levels. Each one is priced per agent, per month. We even have our FREEDOM plan that gives you up to 70 agents for one low monthly fee!

Onboard Today

Don’t get distracted with complicated systems and time-consuming manual operations. Contact us today for free on boarding with our highly intuitive cloud-based helpdesk. If you’re not sure, you can even try it out with a free trial.

Don’t stress about losing, but take this as an opportunity to branch out and discover how a new, dynamic software can help you cut down on the time it takes to sift through emails and respond to customer tickets.

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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