Cayzu Help desk

Does the world really need another Help Desk Solution?

Why we built Cayzu – the Simple, Affordable, Help Desk Solution for Small Businesses.

It all began a couple years ago when we started talking about a better help desk solution. All of us had been involved with companies reliant on Help Desk software, but none of them ever provided a complete package. We knew there had to be a solution that offered what we all wanted and most importantly needed.

After an initial search we found hundreds of would be competitors. Most people at this point would have moved on, but we still saw an opportunity because everything we looked at was either dated, expensive or hard to use.

We all agreed that small businesses needed a better way to manage customer service and since we had built and used our own help desk solution for the past 10 years, we felt that we had the knowledge, passion and experience to create a superior user experience.

So we thought BIG! Our goal was to make it easy for anyone around the world to provide and get instant support with as little effort as possible. As a result, Cayzu was born.

At the core of Cayzu is a simple, intuitive, and beautiful interface. Our philosophy is “No manual required! We believe anyone should be able to jump right into Cayzu and start using it with minimal effort.

But Cayzu is different!. We focused on building a solution that empowers small businesses to provide superior customer service and consumers to get help when they need it, anywhere, anytime.

Cayzu is all about eliminating inferior customer service, by making it easier for the consumers to get help on any device, anywhere, any time.. This ultimately reduces the amount of time businesses spend on support inquiry and more time growing their business..

Want to learn more about Cayzu?  Watch our Youtube video or take us for a spin with a no obligation trial . And remember, Cayzu is absolutely FREE forever for up to 3 agents on our SOLO plan so what are you waiting for?

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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