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Keeping Up With Customers’ Changing Needs – Are You Ready?

The many dimensions of company growth can be driven by a range of factors, including new and evolving customer needs. Often, a company discovers that helpdesk infrastructure is inadequate to meet customer needs only after multiple failures have occurred. These failures are not necessarily due to improper dispersal of resolution solutions and problem management; in many cases, failures occur because the existing system of customer service cannot accommodate the volume or scope of concerns. This can happen after a company has expanded into a new market, for instance, or rolled out a new product line. In other words, one form of success might lead to other forms of failure. Having scalable customer service solutions is a good way to accommodate the changing patterns of demands without dropping the ball.

What Exactly Needs Scaled?

The effective delivery of customer services depends on many factors, including the number of personnel dedicated to these essential operations. Scaling your service operations does not simply mean adding more people to the team, although this may be one part of your overall solution. The training given to customer service representatives is also likely to play a role in scaling. The process of providing service has to be carefully evaluated; these are just a few of the factors that may need to be taken into consideration:

• Existing helpdesk protocols
• Case tracking and management software
• Hardware required to run modern software solutions effectively
• Hours of customer service department operation
• Venues for service requests and delivery

The software used to input customer service cases and track their management can be one of the most valuable of all scalable solutions. Cloud help desk solutions in particular operate on multiple scalable principles. Not only can they accommodate a growing number of users and increasingly complex management operations, they can be built on network architecture that delivers increased support as user demand rises and diverts resources as demand falls.

Developing Nuanced Solutions

Job delegation and organizational skills are two important solutions that dovetail nicely with improved network support. Highly effective customer service departments make use of hierarchies to delegate common and uncommon jobs to agents that are most equipped to manage them. The majority of agents will be trained to address common, frequent concerns; a smaller number of highly experienced agents can be given service requests that are less frequently seen and that may require a greater degree of attention.

Delegation works very effectively when the progress made on a case can be tracked with in-house software. Each step of concern management can be logged along with the names of each person assisting; some concerns require the input of several service personnel or even personnel from other departments. Tracking helps ensure accountability and that service failures do not occur.

Sophisticated cloud help desk systems like those from Cayzu can be used to generate the analytics that will help pinpoint steps in need of improvement as your customer service operations scale to meet increased demand. This precise form of problem solving gives you the information required to develop the strategies that will be most meaningful to your organization.

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